Extreme Machines

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Extreme Machines
Narrated byWilliam Hootkins
Theme music composerMonc (Studio)
Greg Molesworth
Roy Farnan
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Louise Salkow
Mark Molesworth
Producer(s)Alice Harper
Brian Leckey
Running time60 minutes
Original networkDiscovery Channel
Original release1997
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Extreme Machines is a television series aired on Discovery Channel.


The program feature some of the largest created man-made machines on earth. Like a container ship,[1] Excavators,[2] and Cranes.[3]

As taken from the official Canadian webpage for Discovery Channel:[4]

See how today's nuclear submarines play an integral role in U.S. national defense.
Oil Rigs
See the final stages of the construction of a 50,000-ton oil rig in Nova Scotia.
Military Planes
See profiles of jet fighters including the F-15 Eagle and the X35-B, both technologically advanced aircraft.
Flight Power
Experience the exciting and flamboyant world of aviation; unusual aircraft and man's most extreme methods of flying; a home-built plane powered with a lawnmower engine; NASAs solar powered planes; the Harrier Jump Jet.
Hop aboard the U.S. Navy's huge floating fortress the John C. Stennis; profiling a variety of other carriers from the U.S. Marines to the British Navy; see carriers in a variety of temperatures from the equator to the Arctic.
Mega Trucks
Explore the serious business of transportation to the thrills and spills of truck racing; a look at the New York fire brigade in action whose trucks are so long they need an extra driver at the back; a truck which doubles up as a TV studio.
Earth Breakers
Journey towards the centre of the earth inside the deepest mine in the U.S.; the fire that broke out in the Channel Tunnel between the U.K. and France; what happens in a mine explosion.
Gripping archive footage documents tanks in action from the First World War to Desert Storm; the most advanced tanks in the world today; a glimpse of the claustrophobic world of the tank crew; US Future Combat System.
The Landspeed Record
Jump Jet
Daring Aviators
Roller Coasters


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Diving Deep Tanks Emergency Vehicles Pedal Power Bridges
Helicopters Motorcycle Mania Submarines Rocketeers World's Greatest Ships: Power & Glory
Hovercrafts Earth Breakers Speed Freaks II Car Crash World's Greatest Ships: Dangerous Seas
Image Impossible Car Crazy Ultimate Space Machines Aviators Incredible Motorcycle Jumpers
Landspeed Smart Weapons Ice Master Raiders of the Deep Ultimate Underwater Machines I
Racing Cars Flight Power Ultimate Speed Machines Super Trains Ultimate Underwater Machines II
Rockets Landspeed II Balloons Adrenaline Junkies Fear of Flying I
Roller Coasters Power Boats Super Cars Extreme Rides Fear of Flying II
Spaceplanes Mega Trucks Land Speed III Disasters at Sea Worlds Tallest Buildings: Fear of Heights
Speed Freaks Four Wheel Force Robots Airships Worlds Tallest Buildings: Reach for the Sky
Wheels of Steel Supersight Metal Monsters Mega Machines
Carriers Flight of the Future Jump Jets


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