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Memory League is a memory training and competition platform[1] originally founded and created by Nelson Dellis and Simon Orton under the name Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT).[2]

Memory League differs from traditional memory competitions in the fact that it is entirely digital, has head-to-head matches, and is composed of shorter disciplines. The five disciplines are one-minute memorization of names, words, images, numbers, and cards.[3]

The first three world championships took place in San Diego, California in 2014, 2015, and 2016. The structure of the competition saw 24 of the World's top memorizers, including Alex Mullen (USA),[4] Johannes Mallow (Germany), Simon Reinhard, Boris Konrad (Germany), Andi Bell (UK), Ben Pridmore (UK), Jonas von Essen (Sweden), and Yanjaa compete for up to USD $75,000 in prize money per championship over the course of three days.

2014 World Championship[edit]

The 2014 world championship took place on April 26–27.[5][6][7]

2014 Winners[edit]

The 2014 winners of the world championship were:[8]

2015 World Championship[edit]

Mnemonists from seven countries competed in over 45 rounds on May 2–3, 2016.[9][10][11] The competition was won by Johannes Mallow.[12][13]

2015 Winners[edit]

The 2015 winners of the world championship were:[14]

2016 World Championship[edit]

The 2016 world championship took place on June 24–26 and was an IAM-ranked competition.[15][16]

2016 Winners[edit]

The 2016 winners of the world championship were:[17][18]

Other Memory League Championships[edit]

Other Memory League championships have included:

  • UK Memory League Championship 2016[19]
  • UK Open Memory League Championship 2017[20]
  • German Open Memory League Championship 2017[21]
  • Scandinavian Open Memory League Championship 2017[22]
  • Canada Junior Memory League Championship 2018[23]
  • Scandinavian Open Memory League Championship 2018[24]

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