Extreme Movie

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Extreme Movie
Extreme Movie.jpg
Directed by Adam J. Epstein
Andy Jacobsen
Produced by Warren Zide
Written by Adam J. Epstein
Andy Jacobsen
Will Forte
John Solomon
Andy Samberg
Akiva Schaffer
Jorma Taccone
Erica Rivinoja
Phil Lord
Chris Miller
Starring Ryan Pinkston
Michael Cera
Frankie Muniz
Rob Pinkston
Ben Feldman
Kevin Hart
Vanessa Chester
Jermaine Williams
Danneel Harris
Heather Hogan
Rob Pinkston
Music by Todd Bozung
Cinematography Eric Haase
Edited by Bruce Green
Distributed by Dimension Films (Theatrical)
Dimension Extreme
Release dates
  • December 5, 2008 (2008-12-05)
Running time
75 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1.2 million
Box office $54,822

Extreme Movie (formerly Parental Guidance Suggested; known as Hotdogs & Doughnuts: An Extreme Movie in Australia) is a 2008 satirical comedy film composed of sketches focusing on teen sex. Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson direct, with segments co-written by Saturday Night Live performers Will Forte, Andy Samberg, and writers Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone. The ensemble cast includes Frankie Muniz, Ryan Pinkston, Jamie Kennedy, Danneel Harris, Andy Milonakis, Matthew Lillard, Rob Pinkston and Michael Cera.


The film is a series of vignettes with Matthew Lillard's sex advice is intercut within every couple segments. Mike (Ryan Pinkston) tries to impress his crush, Stacy (Cherilyn Wilson). Fred (Michael Cera) meets a girl (Joanna Garcia) online and they arrange for "menacing action", only for Fred to break into the wrong apartment. The promiscuous Betty (Ashley Schneider) going to the "next level" (kinkier and more outrageous sexual adventures) with Chuck (Frankie Muniz), and later Fred. Justin (Andy Milonakis) buys a vibrating vagina and falls in love with it, all the time while crushing on another girl; the vibrating vagina has a personality of its own and commits "suicide" when Justin rejects it.

A Real Sex-esque skit where a girl admits to having sex with two black men on camera. Two guys, Barry and Leon (Kevin Hart and Jermaine Williams), create a woman on their computer, only for her to run wild. Jessica (Rheagan Wallace), in an attempt to become horny, puts her vibrating cell phone in her vagina, only for it to fall in. Len (Ben Feldman) wakes up to find a girl and another guy (Jamie Kennedy) in his bed, and his parents home as well; the whole thing turns out to be a hidden camera show. Sex education teacher Mr. Matthews (John P. Farley) teaches his class with no rules and a lot of embarrassment, usually centering on Mike. Ronny (Hank Harris), obsessed with Abraham Lincoln, creates a time machine and travels back in time to have sex with Lincoln (Ed Trotta).


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