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Extreme Violence is a computer game for the Commodore Amiga, released in 1991 as a shareware game. It was written by Simon Green in AMOS (an Amiga version of BASIC programming language).[1]

The game was later introduced to a larger market after it was included on a cover disk of the magazine Amiga Power, issue 24 (April 1993).[2] It is a two player, top-down view shoot 'em up, in which players battle it out in a randomly generated maze.

The aim of the game is to shoot the other player's character using a generic basic gun, or one of the power-ups that are dotted around the level. The first player to kill his opponent ten times wins the game.[3]


Weapons power-ups

  • speedy bullets - increases the speed of player's bullets.
  • power laser - changes bullets to a 'laser' (a larger sprite and so more effective).
  • magic bullets - bullets can pass through walls (albeit at a slower speed).
  • bouncy bullets - bullets bounce off walls and so can be made to go round corners.

Other power-ups

  • speedy boots - increases walking speed of player.
  • bonus point - gives player 1 bonus point (out of the ten required to win the game).
  • funny map - repeats the overall view of the maze as shown at the start of the round.
  • radar jam - hides player's position on the shared radar screen.


Several cheat modes are available. They can each be activated when the title screen is displayed by typing the cheat code and pressing enter. An audio sample of the word "Bingo" will be played (as heard when a match is won) to confirm the cheat has been activated.[4]

Cheat Code Effect
DUNE Both players start with power laser and speedy boots power-ups.
Pressing [Help] during a game will invoke the funny map power-up.
TERMINATOR Both players start with the radar jam power-up
LAWNMOWER Both players start with bouncy bullets and speedy boots power-ups


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