Extreme World Wrestling

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Extreme World Wrestling
Acronym EWW
Founded 1998
Style Hardcore wrestling
Professional wrestling
Sports entertainment
Headquarters United Kingdom
Founder(s) Jamie Clubb
Stu Allen
Owner(s) Stu Allen
Formerly Extreme World Warfare
Website EWW-Wrestling.com

Extreme World Wrestling (EWW) is a British professional wrestling promotion. Formed in 1998 under the original name, Extreme World Warfare, EWW was co founded by Jamie Clubb and Stuart Allen. In 2004, Chris O'Regan took over from the duties of Jamie Clubb and co-promoted along with Stu Allen until the middle of 2009 when O’Regan left the company and Stuart became the sole owner to EWW. Extreme World Wrestling is also known as the first British promotion to invent the trademark slogan of " New British Wrestling ".


Extreme World Wrestling's debut show was known as " The Declaration ", which took place in December 1998 at the Exeter Hall in Kiddlington Oxfordshire. The entire show would feature an eight-man tournament to decide the first ever EWW British Heavyweight Champion (later World Heavyweight Champion). To culminate the tournament, the main event featured a steel cage match for the first time on British soil. In the end, Fighting Spirit defeated The Dominator to become the champion. The Dominator would go on to become the most famous wrestler on the EWW roster, which would also include the gothic faction at the time, The Dead Souls Organisation, which consisted of The Spirit of Instinct, The Dominator, Pleasure, Pain. Newer members would be inducted throughout the shows, such as Alex Shane, Jonny Storm, The New Breed, Frankie Capone and The Flatliner. The Dead Souls would eventually feud with then EWW Commissioner and representative of the company, Malcolm Martin. Martin was a big hit with the fans at the time. EWW would go on to sell out 3 shows in the year of 1999 with Storm Rising, Revelations and Scorched Earth. During this time, it gained the reputation as not only being the number one hardcore promotion in the UK, but it was also given the slogan of " The Innovators of Violence ". In 2000, EWW set up a training school known as the CPA (Combat Performance Academy) which consisted of wrestling training, psychology and training within martial arts. In 2001, EWW returned to the UK scene with the show " Castled ", which took place in September 2001 at the Castle Leisure Centre in Wallingford Oxfordshire. It featured a mighty card, including former ECW star Nova, taking on Francisco Capone in the Steel Cage match main event.

The Return[edit]

After the success of " Castled " in 2001, EWW went dormant for two years for unknown reasons, however, the company would return in on May 14, 2004 at the Palace Nightclub in Witney Oxfordshire for the resurrection show. Under new guidance with the " Extreme Enforcer " Chris O’Regan and The Dominator, EWW came back with a bang and put everybody on notice that they were reclaiming there spot as the number one promotion in the United Kingdom. The Palace Nightclub would go on to become the venue for EWW year in, year out. Somebody once quoted it as, " The EWW Arena ". It would also be due to the return of EWW where one of its most famous feuds in the history of the company was about to be born. The New Breed (Ashe and Curve) were friends for many years and were one of the premier tag teams on the British wrestling scene. However, after turning his back on his former best friend, Curve caused Ashe to lose the EWW Championship. He re-established himself under his real name, Phil Bedwell and became " The Playboy ". Bedwell and Ashe would go on to face each other three times at " Rage ", " Cruel Britannia " and " Requiem " in some of the bloodiest, violent and most corrupt matches in Britain. Phil Bedwell would also go on to become EWW's first ever St. George's Champion, beating Jonny Storm in a gauntlet match at " Cruel Britannia 2 ". As well as famous feuds, famous faces would go on to debut for EWW, with the likes of Joe Legend, Barbarian Karl Krammer, Marty Scurll, The UK Pitbulls and many others. EWW's first graduate of the CPA Training School and hometown hero, Psycho Silvera, made his debut for the promotion and proved a big hit with the fans. EWW's last outing at the Palace Nightclub would be on June 26, 2007 at " Cruel Britannia 2 ". In this match, Silvera teamed up with his mentor, The Dominator, to take on LDN's tag team of Gideon and Jekyll. Dominator and Silvera were scheduled to face each other in a future title fight and exchanged in a bitter rivalry. However, EWW had been in a feud with LDN since 2006 and agreed to put all problems aside. At the culmination of the show, ‘ Big D ’ turned on his partner and proceeded to join LDN wrestling, sending the local Witney fans home in shock.

The Revamp[edit]

After a year's absence, EWW returned to the UK scene again in 2009 but this time under a new name. Extreme World Wrestling was born and the " Night of Destruction " event took place at the Kings Hall in Herne Bay on March 13. " Night of Destruction " had a line up of Phil Bedwell taking on Ashe in a St George's Title, Extreme Warfare match, The Dominator defending his World Heavyweight Title against Phil Powers and the debut of future British Women's Champion, Skarlett. EWW was a massive hit. EWW would go on to expand as a company, going on tour to places such as Coventry, Liverpool, Hastings and Warrington. After returning to the Kings Hall on October 23, old school legend Kerry Cabrero defeated The Dominator after a six-year undefeated streak to become the new EWW World Heavyweight Champion. Thus began one of the most famous, bloody and violent feuds ever seen in the history of the promotion. After a sly win in a rematch at " Battle of Britain 2 " in March 2010, The British Beast and Cabrero were informed by now EWW Commissioner and MC, Jay Curd, to face off in a Last Man Standing match at the Phoenix Venue in Hastings on September 25. After another encounter, The Dominator regained the championship for the 3rd time in his career. Extreme World Wrestling would also go on to introduce the first ever inter-gender tag team, Casket Match, at "The Darkest Hour" event on November 26 back at the Kings Hall. " The Darkest Hour " saw The Dominator and Skarlett put both the World Title and British Women's Title on the line against Becky James and Kerry Cabrero. The champions retained there titles, stuffing both of their longtime enemies inside the casket. Jay " J.Dawg " Curd also reintroduced the St. George's Championship at this event after a few months absence, pitting newcomer B-Rey against first St. George's title holder, Playboy Phil Bedwell. B-Rey outshone the veteran and claimed the championship. " Lethal " Lucy Clayden also defeated Rhia O'Reilly and Pollyanna to become the number one contender to the British Women's Championship at a future event in 2011. Charlie Rage defeated " The Modern Messiah " Stockwell to earn a World Heavyweight Title shot at any time in 2011.

Title History[edit]

EWW World Heavyweight Championship[edit]

No. Champion(s) Reign Date Event Notes
1 Fighting Spirit 1 December 11, 1998 The Declaration
2 The Dominator 1 March 24, 2000 Urban Legends (FWA)
3 Guy Thunder 1 April 21, 2001 When Thunder Strikes
4 Justin Richards 1 September 22, 2001 Castled Justin Richards defeated James Tighe.
5 Ashe 1 May 14, 2004 Resurrection
6 Frankie Capone 1 September 17, 2004 Unified
7 The Dominator 2 April 28, 2006 Requiem The Dominator won the title in a 12 Man Rumble.
8 Kerry Cabrero 1 October 23, 2009 Battle of Britain
9 The Dominator 3 September 25, 2010 Last Man Standing
10 The Rage 1 October 15, 2011 Invasion Of The Bodyslammers
11 Greg Stockwell 1 March 2, 2013 Hell Is Where The Heart Is Greg Stockwell won the title defeating The Rage using the Golden Contract.
12 The Rage 2 November 9, 2014 Invasion Of The Bodyslammers 3 The Rage defeated Joey Ozbourne as Greg Stockwell was unable to defend.
13 Greg Stockwell 2 May 24, 2014 Survival Of The Sickest
14 The Prophet Philip Bateman} 1 October 18, 2014 Invasion Of The Bodyslammers 4 defeated Greg Stockwell Titan Sinders in fatal 4 way

EWW St George's Championship[edit]

No. Champion(s) Reign Date Event Notes
1 Philp Bedwell 1 June 27, 2006 Cruel Britannia 2 Phil Bedwell defeated Johnny Storm.
2 Andy Simmonz 1 April 28, 2009 Crash In Coventry
3 Sebastian P Sterling 1 October 23, 2009 Battle of Britain
4 B-Rey 1 November 26, 2010 The Darkest Hour
5 Greg Stockwell 1 May 14, 2011 Rise To Ruin
6 Ricky Knight 1 October 15, 2011 Invasion Of The Bodyslammers
7 Drake 1 May 24, 2014 Survival Of The Sickest
8 Brother David beat The Prince Punk of Drake October 10, 2015 Invasion Of The Bodyslammers V

EWW British Women's Championship[edit]

No. Champion(s) Reign Date Event Notes
1 Skarlett 1 October 23, 2009 Battle Of Britain Skarlett defeated Jetta and Erin Angel.
2 Destiny 1 November 9, 2014 Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3
3 Skarlett 2 October 18, 2014 Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4 Skarlett defeated Chuck Cyrus.
4 Deadly Nightshade 1 July 9, 2016 The Good The Red and The Ugly Deadly Nightshade defeated Skarlett.

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