List of extreme points of Australia

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This is a list of the extreme points of Australia.

Australia (mainland)[edit]

Extreme points of mainland Australia

Australia (country, including islands)[edit]

Australian Antarctic Territory (not universally recognized)[edit]

  • Westernmost point – (45°00' E)
  • Easternmost point – (160°00' E)
  • Northernmost point - Bowman Island, 65°28' S
  • Southernmost point – South Pole

Extreme points of Australian states (including islands)[edit]

State/territory Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
Australian Capital Territory 35°07′28″S 149°07′20″E / 35.12444°S 149.12222°E / -35.12444; 149.12222 35°55′15″S 149°02′48″E / 35.92083°S 149.04667°E / -35.92083; 149.04667 35°19′10″S 149°23′58″E / 35.31944°S 149.39944°E / -35.31944; 149.39944 35°29′42″S 148°45′51″E / 35.495041°S 148.764099°E / -35.495041; 148.764099
New South Wales 28°9′22″S 153°29′8″E / 28.15611°S 153.48556°E / -28.15611; 153.48556, NW of Coolangatta Airport Cape Howe Ball's Pyramid (Cape Byron is
the easternmost point on the mainland)
Western border with South Australia
Northern Territory 10°54′16″S 133°2′35″E / 10.90444°S 133.04306°E / -10.90444; 133.04306 Unnamed rock approximately 150 m north of New Year Island (Northern Territory) Southern border with South Australia Eastern border with Queensland Western border with Western Australia
Queensland Bramble Cay, Torres Strait Dumaresq River near Watsons Crossing Boat Rock, off Point Lookout Western border with the Northern Territory
South Australia Northern border with the Northern Territory and Queensland Cape Northumberland, on Discovery Bay Eastern border with Queensland and New South Wales Western border with Western Australia
Tasmania Boundary Islet Bishop and Clerk Islets, near Macquarie Island Judge and Clerk Islets, near Macquarie Island Diamond Rock, off New Year Island near King Island
(excluding Macquarie Island)
Boundary Islet Pedra Branca Gull Rock, off Gull Island near Cape Barren Diamond Rock, off New Year Island near King Island
(excluding islands)
40°38′28″S 144°43′34″E / 40.64111°S 144.72611°E / -40.64111; 144.72611 Woolnorth Point 43°38′36″S 146°49′38″E / 43.64333°S 146.82722°E / -43.64333; 146.82722 South East Cape 41°16′43″S 148°21′33″E / 41.27861°S 148.35917°E / -41.27861; 148.35917 St Helens Point 41°0′32″S 144°36′24″E / 41.00889°S 144.60667°E / -41.00889; 144.60667 Bluff Hill Point
Victoria Lindsay Point Boundary Islet Cape Howe Western border with South Australia
Western Australia (excluding
Christmas Island)
Cape Londonderry South West Island, near Eclipse Island Eastern border with South Australia and the Northern Territory Western tip of Dirk Hartog Island
State/territory Highest point Lowest point
Australian Capital Territory Bimberi Peak: 1,912 m (6,273 ft) Murrumbidgee River: 429 m (1,407 ft)
New South Wales Mount Kosciuszko: 2,228 m (7,310 ft)
Northern Territory Mount Zeil: 1,531 m (5,023 ft)
Queensland Mount Bartle Frere: 1,622 m (5,322 ft)
South Australia Mount Woodroffe: 1,435 m (4,708 ft) Lake Eyre: −16 m (−52 ft)
Tasmania Mount Ossa: 1,614 m (5,295 ft)
Victoria Mount Bogong: 1,986 m (6,516 ft)
Western Australia Mount Meharry: 1,249 m (4,098 ft) Lake Macleod: −4 m (−13 ft)

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