Extreme points of South America

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This is a list of the extreme points of South America, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location on the continent. The continent's southernmost point is incorrectly often said to be Cape Horn, but Águila Islet of the Diego Ramirez Islands is actually the southernmost point.

Latitude and longitude[edit]

Geographic coordinates expressed in WGS 84.

South America[edit]

South America (mainland)[edit]

Center: 40 km. NWbN of Fuerte Olimpo, Alto Paraguay, Paraguay (20°43′8″S 58°3′39″W / 20.71889°S 58.06083°W / -20.71889; -58.06083)


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  1. ^ The summit of Aconcagua is the highest point of Andes, Argentina, South America, and all of the Americas. Mount Aconcagua is the second most prominent summit on Earth.


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