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The geographically extreme points of the Republic of Turkey are:

  • Northernmost: The point is on the Turkish-Bulgarian border in Kofçaz, Kırklareli (42 06' 21" N, 27 14' 27" E)
  • Southernmost: The spring of Kale Stream, Yayladağı, Hatay Province(35 48'46" N, 36 9'8" E)
  • Westernmost: Cape Avlaka, Gökçeada(İmbros Island), Çanakkale(40 7'30" N, 25 39'56" E)
  • Easternmost: Dilucu Bordergate, Aralık/Iğdır(39 39'3" N, 44 49'4" E)
  • Center(according to the rectangle made by the parallels and meridians that pass through the most eastern, western, northern and southern points): Point near Yukarıhasinli Village and Karakimse Village, Kocasinan, Kayseri(38 57'32" N, 35 11'12" E)

Note: Westernmost point connected to land is Cape Baba/Ayvacık/Çanakkale and the northernmost point connected to land is İnceburun itself. Cape Baba is also the westernmost point of Asia. The southernmost point of Anatolia is Cape Anamur, Anamur, Mersin.


Northernmost city center: Sinop

Southernmost city center: Antakya

Westernmost city center: Çanakkale

Easternmost city center: Iğdır


Northernmost town: Sinop(for "not a city", it's Doğanyurt/Kastamonu)

Southernmost town: Yayladağı/Hatay Province

Westernmost town: Gökçeada(İmroz)/Çanakkale

Easternmost town: Aralık/Iğdır


Northernmost village: Ahlatlı/Kofçaz/Kırklareli

Southernmost village: Topraktutan/Yayladağı/Hatay Province

Westernmost village: Uğurlu/Gökçeada(İmroz)/Çanakkale

Easternmost village: Alan/Şemdinli/Hakkari


Highest: Mount Ararat(Ağrı), Iğdır(5137 m) Lowest: An unnamed place near Akyatan lagoon, Mediterrenean Sea, Adana(-2,8 m)

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