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Extreme sledding is a sport where riders do not simply sled down a hill, but use the sleds and their bodies to carry out various tricks, using apparatus such as ramps, rails, ledges, and some that are performed simply riding down the hill. The types of tricks that are carried out borrow certain characteristics from snowboarding, skateboarding, aggressive in-lining, BMXing, and motocross. Extreme Sledding can use many different types of equipment, with the most common being "knee-sleds" which are sleds where you ride on your knees, (sometimes strapped on).[1]


Trick Name Description Difficulty
Backflip A complete 360 degree rotation backwards, landing back on the sled Hard
360 Spinning around 360 degrees, landing back forward on the sled Medium
Superman Holding the sled in front of you in midair, while maintaining the "superman position", pulling the sled back under you at the last second Medium
Can-can Sticking both legs off the slide of the sled in midair, returning to the sled before landing Easy
Frontflip Flipping forward a complete 360 degrees Hard
Nothing Coming off of the sled completely in midair, getting back on the sled before landing Medium


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