Mountain unicycling

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Mountain unicycling
Mountain unicyclist in England (Roseberry Topping)
Disc braked mountain unicycle (Qu-ax/Kris Holm)
Mountain unicycling

Mountain unicycling is an adventure sport that consists of traversing rough terrain on a unicycle. Mountain unicycling ('muni') is undertaken on similar terrain to mountain biking. However, muni requires much more attention to the microfeatures of the short distance in front of the wheel.[1] Unicycles' lack of a freewheel means that descents must be controlled all the way, and the typical lack a gear system (though two-gear hubs are available), prevents the rider from reaching high speeds. Muni usually takes place on specially designed unicycles, which are equipped with strong hubs, large, knobbly tires, high-grip pedals and rugged frames. Some are also equipped with rim or disc brakes, having the lever mounted under the nose of the saddle. The brake primarily helps to compensate the downhill-slope force, while more expert riders also use it to decelerate or stop.[1]

Muni riders also need a few additional skills than required for either mountain biking or regular unicycling, with core strength and balance being key.[2]


  • Muni events recognized by the International Unicycling Federation at Unicons are: cross-country, uphill and downhill with the possibility of North Shore downhill.
  • In the United States, the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend and the Moab, Utah Muni Fest (ended as of 2009).
  • In the UK, the British Muni Weekend (BMW).
  • The first Colorado Munifest took place in October 2007, organized by Colorado Muni.
  • The first Arizona Mountain Unicycle Weekend was held in February 2009, organized by the Arizona Unicycle Club.
  • In Australia, Cross County and Downhill are included in UniNats, held by the Australian Unicycle Society every 12–18 months. -3-
  • In Liechtenstein and Switzerland, the Elsbet (abbr. for Einzigartiges Liechtensteiner und Schweizer Berg-Einrad Treffen, engl: unique mountain unicycling meeting of Liechtenstein and Switzerland)


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