Exu, Pernambuco

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Bust of the artist Luiz Gonzaga
Bust of the artist Luiz Gonzaga
Flag of Exu
Exu is located in Brazil
Exu Located in Brazil Map
Coordinates: 7°30′43″S 39°43′26″W / 7.51194°S 39.7239°W / -7.51194; -39.7239Coordinates: 7°30′43″S 39°43′26″W / 7.51194°S 39.7239°W / -7.51194; -39.7239
Country Brazil Brazil
State Pernambuco
Region Sertão
 • Total 1,474 km2 (569 sq mi)
Elevation 523 m (1,716 ft)
Population (2009)
 • Total 31,086
Average Temperature 24.8 C

Exu is a city in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The population in 2009, according with IBGE was 31,086[1] and the area is 1474 km². Exu is the birthplace of the famous Luiz Gonzaga (1912/1989) which was a very prominent Brazilian folk singer, songwriter, musician and poet. He is considered to be responsible for the promotion of northeastern music throughout the rest of the country. He is also known as the "king of baião" and "Gonzagão".



The main economic activities in Exu are based in agribusiness, especially creation of cattle, pigs, goats; and plantations of corn, beans, manioc, coffee and tobacco .

Economic Indicators[edit]

Population GDP x(1000 R$).[2] GDP pc (R$) PE
31,086 98,549 3,224 0.17%

Economy by Sector 2006

Primary sector Secondary sector Service sector
17.65% 7.28% 75.07%

Health Indicators[edit]


HDI (2000) Hospitals (2007) Hospitals beds (2007) Children's Mortality every 1000 (2005)
0,592 1 32 34.1