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eyeBeam is a VoIP softphone for Windows that uses Session Initiation Protocol to facilitate voice, video conferencing and instant messaging. X-Lite 3.0 is based on the eyeBeam codebase, but with a more limited set of capabilities.

eyeBeam was launched on September 13, 2004 for Windows as Vancouver-based CounterPath Corporation's first video capable softphone.[1] A version for Mac followed shortly after on October 20, 2004[2] but was discontinued in 2011.

eyeBeam can be configured to be used with many IP-PBX providers such as Asterisk and TalkSwitch[3] and is compatible with many unified communication solutions including those offered by Avaya,[4] Oracle[5] and Cisco.[6] CounterPath also provides co-branded and private labeled versions of eyeBeam for enterprises, service providers and original equipment manufacturers.[7]

CounterPath's free softphone X-Lite is based on the architecture of eyeBeam 1.5,[8] but has limited features in comparison to the eyeBeam client.


  • 2004 - Internet Telephony Magazine’s "Product of the Year" Award.[9]
  • 2005 - Internet Telephony Magazine’s “INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence” Award.[10]
  • 2006 - Internet Telephony Magazine's "Product of the Year" Award.[11]

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