Rural Municipality of Eye Hill No. 382

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Eye Hill No. 382, Saskatchewan was established on December 12, 1910. It is a rural municipality in west-central Saskatchewan, Canada near the Alberta - Saskatchewan border. Eye Hill No. 382, Saskatchewan operates from Box 69, Macklin, SK S0L 2C0


According to the Canada 2001 Census:

  • Population: 700
  • % Change (1996-2001): - 4.1
  • Dwellings: 239
  • Area (km²): 797.27
  • Density (persons per km²): 0.9

Saskatchewan Railways and Railway Stations[edit]

(historic or current)

  • C.P.R. Outlook Kerrobert Branch—serves Macklin, Primate, Denzil, Salvador, Luseland.
  • C.P.R Minnedosa, Saskatoon Edmonton Section—serves Rutland, Senlac, Evesham, Macklin, Hayter, Provost


Highways and Roadways[edit]

For more information see also List of Saskatchewan provincial highways






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Coordinates: 52°16′52″N 109°46′32″W / 52.28111°N 109.77556°W / 52.28111; -109.77556