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Image Viewer
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Eye of GNOME 3.16.png
Eye of GNOME 3.16
Developer(s) The GNOME Project
Stable release 3.18 (September 23, 2015; 4 months ago (2015-09-23)[1]) [±]
Preview release 3.19.4 (January 20, 2016; 19 days ago (2016-01-20)) [±][2]
Written in C (GTK+)
Operating system Linux, BSDs, OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type Image viewer
License GNU General Public License
Website wiki.gnome.org/Apps/EyeOfGnome

Eye of GNOME is the official image viewer for the GNOME desktop environment. Unlike some other image viewers, Image Viewer will only display images. It does, however, provide basic effects for improved viewing, such as zooming, full-screen, rotation, and transparent image background control.

Eye of GNOME will eventually be replaced by a combination of Sushi and GNOME Photos.[3]

File formats[edit]

Image Viewer supports the following file formats:

Image Viewer also supports the viewing of the Exif/XMP metadata associated with an image.


Eye of GNOME was criticized[who?] for its lack of GIF animation playback;[4][5] however, this functionality was included in version 2.29.1.[6][7]

Also, it used to render SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as a rasterized bitmap by default.[8] This bitmap then gets manipulated when scaling the image, resulting in pixelation when zooming in.[9] However, this is fixed since version 2.31.1.[10]

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