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Eyeball Records
Founded1994 (1994)
FounderAlex Saavedra
GenreIndie rock, punk rock, alternative rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationNew Jersey

Eyeball Records Is an independent record label based in northern New Jersey, formed in 1994 by Alex Saavedra.[1] Eyeball has released albums by artists such as Thursday, My Chemical Romance, and Murder by Death, focusing on indie/alternative rock and punk rock (particularly post-hardcore and pop punk). It had an imprint label named Astro Magnetics, which was owned by Eyeball manager Marc Debiak, Alex Saavedra and Thursday's Geoff Rickly. Eyeball Records shut down in 2012.

On April 17, 2007, the music sharing blog Kinixtion was shut down after being sent a letter by Eyeball Records. The webmaster deleted the blog and sent an apologetic letter to the label. Eyeball Records also sent a letter to many peer labels in an effort to curtail copyright infringement of music.[2]



Now That's What I Call Eyeball[edit]

Track Title Time
1 "Different" - New London Fire 04:24
2 "We Don't Bleed" - New London Fire 03:35
3 "Food Chain" - Milemarker 04:59
4 "Pornographic Architecture" - Milemarker 03:45
5 "The Proud Parent's Convention Held In The ER" - The Number Twelve Looks Like You 02:37
6 "Like A Cat" - The Number Twelve Looks Like You 03:31
7 "Final Battle" - My Epiphany 03:43
8 "Body Talk" - My Epiphany 03:50
9 "Argh... I'm a Pirate" - Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer 01:53
10 "This Was All a Bad Idea" - Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer 02:42

Now That's What I Call Eyeball is occasionally included as a bonus sampler in some re-releases of My Chemical Romance's first studio album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.

Reverse Psychology[edit]

Track Title
1 "Wire and Stone" - New Atlantic
2 "Machines" - Kiss Kiss
3 "Like A Cat" - The Number Twelve Looks Like You
4 "We Don't Bleed" - New London Fire
5 "Float" - Sean Walsh
6 "Numbers" - Pompeii
7 "The Weather Machine" - Signal To Noise
8 "Dirty Frames" - The Tiny
9 "Chinatown" - The Velocet
10 "Act 7, Scene 8" - Going Home
11 "Home(Again)" - The Feverfew

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