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Origin Mozambique
Genres Marrabenta
Years active 1981 (1981)–1991, 2001–present
Labels Real World Records
Website realworldrecords.com/artist/384/eyuphuro/

Zena Bascar
Firmina Louis Hunguana
Issufo Manuel
Belarmino Rita Godeiros

Jorge Cossa
Mahamudo Selimane
Past members Omar Issa
Gimo Remane

Eyuphuro is a Mozambican band. Eyuphuro's music is a combination of traditional African music and western popular music. Eyuphuro's music is sung mostly in Makua, a Bantu language. The name of the band means "whirlwind".


Omar Issa, Gimo Remane and Zena Bacar founded Eyuphuro in 1981. Eyuphuro released the successful album Mama Mosambiki before its breakup in 1990. In 1998, singer Zena Bacar founded Eyuphuro again and in 2001 they released a new album, Yellela.

Original members[edit]

Current members[edit]

In Yellela appears also musicians, who aren't members of the band; singer Mariamo Mussa Hohberg, saxophonist Orlando da Conceicao and keyboardist Benedito Mazbuko.


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