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For the administrative subdivisions, see Eyvanki District and Eyvanki Rural District.
Eyvane Kay
Eyvane Kay is located in Iran
Eyvane Kay
Eyvane Kay
Coordinates: 35°20′36″N 52°04′03″E / 35.34333°N 52.06750°E / 35.34333; 52.06750Coordinates: 35°20′36″N 52°04′03″E / 35.34333°N 52.06750°E / 35.34333; 52.06750
Country  Iran
Province Semnan
County Garmsar
Bakhsh Eyvanki
Population (2006)
 • Total 14,462
Time zone IRST (UTC+3:30)
 • Summer (DST) IRDT (UTC+4:30)

Eyvanki (Persian: ايوانكی‎‎, Tati: ایوان‌کی), also Romanized as Eyvane Kay, Eyvānkī, Aivaneki, Aivan-e Ki, and Eyvānakī; also known as Aivān-i-Kaif)[1] is a city in and capital of Eyvanki District, Garmsar County, Semnan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 14,462, in 2,760 families.[2] People of Eyvanki are Tat and they speak the Tati language.[3]


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Ivan, who is one of the cities of Garmsar in Semnan city of Iran. The city of Garmsar city and 55 km east of Tehran, before the city of Garmsar. The city's population, according to Census 1385, 10, 396 persons.

Ivan, who is one of the oldest cities with a history dating back to high ground. Because of its geographical position at the porch when the cell Caspian (Paul Caspian region, the Caspian Dryary) and later called Sharaks (Latin Charax) named in the reign Kiyanis because one of the important places Then there are the court of Shah Kayanids had a lot of traffic when called Ivan (Ivan Kay Khosrow and Kavus) has been renamed and is still known by that name. It is worth noting Ivan who paved the Silk Road (the world's oldest and most major roads), and yet its effects are visible in the area. Famous yellow melon crops could be Ivan Ivan Who Who (local yellow) and green melon Ivan K. (melon beetle) and pomegranate range of other agricultural products can be Ayvanky native dark porch when the Mybashd.azmhm more famous Arab tribe colonel, Saidi, Moshiri, Hashemi, Ashtary and Ayvanky noted.The city recently hosted and engaged mostly free work, the flood of refugees from neighboring provinces are even round

History and geography of Ayvanky

Ayvanky, the most western province of the province have called it the forehead. A small town with a population of about 28,000, 55 kilometers East of Tehran, Damavand cities of the north, and the south of the desert and the water of the East with the West Branch of the House and the neighboring Tehran. The city is the site of confrontation between the two different worlds. The city is located 25 km road and 5 km south of Firoozkooh green, desert sand dunes, one of the most horrific mental and sand deserts in the world with light winds snakes and serpents drink blurry Myknndv very dangerous, toxic and deadly There.

Famous road paved desert around Ayvanky begins and finds the heart of the desert. 400 to 600 years ago. It dates back to the road. We can say that the world's oldest roads. This means that the road is the lifeline of the way. The city has long been a relatively important place.

This small town has a history of 5000 years and 3500 years ago, the border between the two states is the most important part (Part) and Qms (current Semnan old names Koomesh, Ghomes, people, Qms) (Qomes) respectively.

In Roman and Greek literature today Sharaks Ayvanky name (CHARAX) wrote. And the gates locked Caspian Sea is also known. The historic town at the time of Kayanids according to people as well as some historical texts of the capital of Iran. All traces of the distant past in this city, such as the Shah Abbas caravanserai, fortresses Marie (local name Mary ligament prince named Marie) Gass Hill (Castle prince called the coma) and even though the city some time away the economic and social views was now re-opened its economic and social prosperity has increased. Soon the town 100. 000 people with the same name in the north-eastern part Ayvanky Ayvanky will be built.

Culture and people of this city because of the past history of these people, as well as its proximity to the capital. There are industrial estates of the city was very wide spread. During the last 2 years 4 University was established in the city. In statistics students the city has a high IQ.

The city has a large variety of agricultural products that are most important melon and pomegranate. A cold and dry weather in winter and hot in the summer and is almost at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level.

Universities in Avon who can be pointed to the following universities: