Ezel (TV series)

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Genre Action, Crime, Drama
Written by Kerem Deren
Pınar Bulut
Directed by Uluç Bayraktar
Starring Kenan İmirzalıoğlu
Cansu Dere
Haluk Bilginer
Yiğit Özşener
Barış Falay
Burçin Terzioğlu
Bade İşçil
Sarp Akkaya
İpek Bilgin
Salih Kalyon
Tuncel Kurtiz
Sedef Avci
Berrak Tüzünataç
İsmail Filiz
Narrated by Tuncel Kurtiz
Theme music composer Toygar Işıklı
Country of origin Turkey
Original language(s) Turkish
No. of episodes 71
Producer(s) Kerem Çatay
Running time 90 minutes (up to 120 minutes with commercials)
Production company(s) Ay Yapım
Original channel

Show TV September 28, 2009 - January 18, 2010

ATV January 25, 2010 - June 20, 2011
Original release 28 September 2009 – 20 June 2011

Ezel (Turkish pronunciation: [eˈzæl]) is a Turkish crime drama TV series that was initially broadcast by Show TV in autumn 2009. In 2010, it was transferred to ATV. It has since gained a considerably large fan base in Turkey. Although it is set in modern day Istanbul, Turkey, filming also took place in North Cyprus, Croatia, and England. It appears that after 71 episodes, roughly 90 minutes each (two hours with commercials), the series came to an end after two seasons.


In 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey, Ömer Uçar (İsmail Filiz) and his family lived a comfortable lower middle-class life, until one day his life was changed forever. Ömer had two best friends that he had known for years, Ali and Cengiz. Ömer worked with Ali (Barış Falay) as a motor mechanic, and Cengiz (Yiğit Özşener) when Ömer met and fell in love with Eyşan (Cansu Dere). Ali and Cengiz soon become convinced by Serdar Tezcan (Salih Kalyon), who is also Eyşan's father, to rob a casino. Serdar devises the whole scheme, and figures that it will require four people to pull off a successful robbery. Cengiz was up first in the plot to rob the casino, he was the mole and was working there in order to gain access. Ali comes into play next as the ruthless killer on the night of the robbery. The third accomplice is Eyşan (Cansu Dere), the skilled con-woman who manipulates men for their money as a career and this time her victim would be Ömer. In Serdar's plan, Ömer would be the fourth person to complete the job. Ömer is blamed for the robbery by way of implanting false evidence, misleading the police and ceasing all other investigations on the matter. Serdar's primary motive was the money, though his love for a good con also played a role. Eyşan's, Cengiz' and Ali's motives would be revealed later in the series.

Ali and Cengiz at the time believed that Ömer would only get a few years in jail for stealing the money; however, the robbery went wrong and Ali had to shoot and kill the security guard. The same gun that was used in the robbery was pointed at Ömer by Cengiz just a few days before the crime. After having too many drinks, Cengiz, in a drunken state and wearing gloves, points the gun at Ömer, after which he manages to take the gun away from Cengiz only to leave his prints on the gun, sealing his fate. Further evidence to implicate Ömer to the crime is a jacket that he had previously worn which was also dumped with the gun ensuring the police a swift arrest.

In 1997, when Ömer was blamed for the crime, the commissar (played by Mesut Akusta) went to the prison cell where Ömer was in there for a couple hours. Whilst the chief commissar was inside the cell, he kept inquiring about the whereabouts of the money, even though Ömer kept denying having done the robbery. Because of his lack of cooperation, Ömer was beaten up for hours. Afterwards, during Ömer's trial, the judge showed the picture of the murder weapon used in the robbery, a gun, and a picture of a similarly related jacket. Although Ömer was still insisting that he was innocent, a witness was called to the stand. That witness was revealed to be Eyşan, who falsely testified that it was Ömer who robbed the casino and murdered the security guard. In anger, he escaped from the clutches of the[clarification needed]

Eyşan's testimony was to re-establish the evidence and accusations, cementing her betrayal. The plan worked successfully and all the while Ali, Cengiz, Serdar and Eyşan got away with murder and millions of dollars. Ömer went to jail for the crime he didn't commit the day after he proposed to Eyşan. During his incarceration, Ömer had some very hard times, being beaten almost daily by the chief prison warden who was convinced that Ömer had indeed committed the crime, and wanted to know the exact whereabouts of the money. His family was even threatened, and so his hatred for his old friends grew for what they had done to him. Ömer's only luck was to be taken under the wing of Ramiz Karaeski (referred to as Uncle Ramiz, played by Tuncel Kurtiz), once a powerful mafia type figure who treated Ömer like one of his sons and offered him some protection while imprisoned.

In 2005, Ömer had his face badly cut by the chief warden with two other guards by using a riot in the prison as an excuse to beat Ömer, so he would tell where the money was. Ömer pretended to tell him, so that when the warden dismissed the other guards, a fight to the death meant the head warden was killed. With help from Ramiz, it was made known that Ömer had died but his face was unrecognisable, when actually Ömer escaped the jail and had full plastic surgery. Ömer Uçar then changes his name to Ezel Bayraktar (meaning "eternity" in Turkish), played by Kenan İmirzalıoğlu), and returns to get his revenge, unknown to his previous friends, Eyşan and Cengiz (who are now married and have a son), and Ali (who is head of security at Cengiz's hotel) The once simple boy becomes a man exceptionally skilled at gambling, reading people, and fighting, and has considerably high class in society. He is helped by his assistants Kamil (Güray Kip) and Sebnem (Bade İşçil), as well as his prison mentor Ramiz Karaeski.

In a vague and rather metaphysical conclusion, Ezel and Eyşan ride on a train as Eyşan's eyes close and it appears that she has died. Ezel then drinks some liquid from a ring that Ramiz had given him with the instructions never to "wear the ring" (i.e., drink from it) unless he was ready for a new life. Ezel's eyes also close and he tells Eyşan that he is coming to be with her, and that Bahar (who had been killed much earlier in the series) is waiting for them, too. The camera pans to other passengers on the train, the beloved friends and family of Ömer and Eyşan that had been killed, including Ramiz, Bahar, and Ezel's little brother, Mert.

In the final scene, a young man on a motorcycle pulls up to the lighthouse and tells the guard "I am here to see my father." When asked to identify himself, the young man reveals he is Ömer's son. As he approaches the door, the camera shows a silhouette of a man opening the door, and making a gesture as if to scratch his head, much like Ömer/Ezel used to. The audience is left wondering what really happened: Whether that is Ezel, whether he died on that train with Eyşan, or whether he lived. Whether that liquid in the ring was poison or not. Whether or not the train scene, in fact, was real or imagined. That all leaves the possibility of a third season wide open, even though most of the characters have been killed off.


All of Ezel scenes were filmed in Istanbul, Turkey.


Actor name role name Description
Kenan İmirzalıoğlu Ezel Bayraktar Alter ego of Ömer Uçar. The protagonist, in love with Eyşan, swore vengeance on the people who betrayed him, boyfriend of Bade, friend of Ali and Tefik. Helps Ramiz and considers him as a father. Son of Meliha and Mumtaz, brother of Mert, and father to Can. Enemy of Kenan, Cengiz and Temmuz. (1-71)
İsmail Filiz Ömer Uçar The protagonist who was in love within Eyşan, and went to prison for a robbery and murder he did not commit. Fought and killed his abusing chief warden in 2005 during a prison riot, getting badly injured in the process. Ramiz Karaeski (Dayı) arranged for him a plastic surgery to change his face and a fake identity as Ezel Bayraktar. (1-71)
Cansu Dere Eyşan Atay Love interest of Ezel, and Cengiz, con woman taught by her father Serdar, in love with Ezel (Ömer). Marries with Cengiz, later with Kenan. Sister of Bahar, mother of Can. Kills Serdar. Raped and killed by Cengiz. (1-71)
Yiğit Özşener Cengiz Atay The main villain of the series, Ezel's childhood friend, now enemy, is a psychopath and is in love with Eyşan. Before friend of Ali and Ezel. Married with Eyşan, and later divorced. Raised Can. Friend of Temuz. Ordered to kill Selma and Tefik. Raped and murdered Eyşan, and was killed in turn by Ezel and Ali. (1-71)
Barış Falay "Kerpeten" Ali Kırgız Good-hearted antagonist in 1st Season, later became an ally of Ezel again, was in love with Bahar, afterwards fell in love with Azad. Father of baby boy Tefo. Adores Ramiz's adventures and wants to be like him. Kills Kenan, Temuz and Cengiz. (1-71)
Sedef Avcı Bahar Tezcan Eyşan's sister, suffering from leukemia, in love with Ezel, Ali's love interest. Assassinated by a sniper of Temmuz. Aunt of Can, and daughter of Serdar. (1-32 killed in episode 32)
Tuncel Kurtiz Ramiz Karaeski Mafia boss, the Godfather, mentored and trained Ezel. Assassinated by Kenan's thugs. Father of Azad and three other boys. Husband of Rabia and later of Selma. Boss of Tefo, Ali and Ezel. Enemy of Kenan. (3-61)
Haluk Bilginer Kenan Birkan The second main villain. Very powerful businessman, Ramiz's former friend, now enemies, was in love with Selma. Had a daughter with Selma. In love with Eyşan then marries her. Killed off By Ali. (34-69)
Salih Kalyon Serdar Tezcan Villain, conman, father of Eyşan and Bahar. Killed off by Eyşan. Kills Nukhet, Mert and Eyşan's mother. (1-49)
İpek Bilgin Meliha Uçar Ömer's and Mert's mother. Wife of Mumtaz. Blind. (1-71)
Beyazıt Gülercan Mümtaz Uçar Ömer's and Mert's father. Meliha's Husband. (1-71)
Kemal Uçar Mert Uçar Ömer's brother, journalist seeking the truth about his brother. Killed off By Serdar in a car accident. Son of Meliha and Mumtaz. (1-42)
Burçin Terzioğlu Azad Karaeski Ramiz's and Selma's daughter. Wife of Ali. Friend Of Bade and Şebnem. Mother of baby Tefo. (20-71)
Sarp Akkaya Tevfik Zaim Often called Tefo, Ramiz's and Ezel's man, Ali's bestfriend, in love with Şebnem, then marries her. Killed off by Temmuz's recruited. (1-65)
Bade İşçil Şebnem Zaim née Sertuna Ezel's assistant, in love with Tefo, then becomes his wife. Friend of Azad and Bade. Widow. (1-71)
Güray Kip Kamil Çamlıca Ezel's right-hand man. Killed off By Temmuz. Friend of Şebnem. (1-30)
Bengü Benian Nükhet Özbağ Eyşan's Aunt. Killed off by Serdar. (2-12)
Utku Barış Serma Can Atay / Can Uçar Ezel and Eyşan's son. Raised by Cengiz. (1-71)
Rıza Kocaoğlu Temmuz Kocaoğlu Villain, Kenan Birkan's hitman. Killed off by Ali. Killed Bahar, Tefik and a lot of others. Usually wear a navy pair of Converse shoes. (21-67)
Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Sekiz Karaeski Villain, Ramiz's grandson. Killed off by Ezel. Drugged and trained by Kenan to kill Ramiz. (34-37)
Berrak Tüzünataç Bade Uysal Vur Kaç's barwoman and Ezel's girlfriend. Friend of Azad and Şebnem. (47-71)
Nurhan Özenen Selma Hüner Ramiz's Wife. Azad's mother. Killed off by Temmuz in her daughter's wedding party. Has a daughter with Kenan. (13-58)



Year Award Winner Giver
2010 The Best Turkish Series Ezel Golden Butterfly Awards
2010 The Best Actor Kenan İmirzalıoğlu Golden Butterfly Awards
2010 The Best Series of The Year Ezel Galatasaray University
2010 The Best Actor Kenan İmirzalıoğlu Galatasaray University
2010 The Best Series of The Year Ezel Bahçeşehir University
2010 The Best Series of The Year Ezel Yıldız Technical University
2010 The Best Series of The Year Ezel İstanbul Technical University
2010 The Best Series of The Year Ezel Kabataşlılar Derneği
2010 The Best Series of The Year Ezel Burç Special College
2010 The Best Scripted Format Ezel C21/FRAPA Format Awards
2012 The Best Drama Special Prize Ezel Seoul International Drama Awards

Ezel in other languages[edit]

Ezel was translated multiple times and broadcast in foreign channels, most notably to Persian language by Gem TV in 2010, to Hungarian language in 2009, Czech language by Prima Love in 2011, Arabic language by MBC4 in 2012, Urdu language by Geo Kahani in 2013, Bulgarian language by Nova TV in 2014 and in Spanish language by MEGA and Caracol Televisión in 2015. Uptil now, it is sold to over 95+ countries.


Armenia's leading TV channel, Shant TV, purchased the script rights to the show and produced its own TV series featuring local actors and actresses who are striking for their similarity to their Turkish peers. The Armenian producers were hiding the fact that the show was originally a Turkish production, fearing protests from the Armenian audience.[2]

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