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An Ezer Mizion ambulance delivers a wheelchair-using patient to his medical check-up at Bikur Cholim Hospital, Jerusalem.

Ezer Mizion or Ezer Mitzion (Hebrew: עזר מציון‎‎, literal translation: "Aid from Zion") is an Israeli health support organization offering a wide range of medical and social support services for Israel's sick, disabled and elderly. One of Ezer Mizion's most important services is its world's largest Jewish Bone Marrow Donor Registry. this registry was extended significantly by Moti and Bracha Ziser who founded "Oranit house" (a center for cancer patients and their families). as well as its specialized programs for special needs children, cancer patients and terror victims.

Ezer Mizion, established in 1979, has branches throughout Israel, and all of its services are free, with over 10,000 volunteers nationwide.


In 2008, the organization was awarded the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement & special contribution to society and the State of Israel.[1][2]


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