Ezhai Jaathi

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Ezhai Jaathi
Ezhai Jaathi.jpg
Title card
Directed byLiaquat Ali Khan
Written byLiaquat Ali Khan
Produced byHemalatha Ramesh
Jaya Prada
CinematographyRaja Rajan
Edited byG. Jayachandran
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Chinnipavan Cine Creations
Release date
  • 18 February 1993 (1993-02-18)
Running time
152 minutes

Ezhai Jaathi (transl. Poor Caste) is a 1993 Indian Tamil-language political action drama film directed by Liaquat Ali Khan, starring Vijayakanth and Jaya Prada. It was released on 19 February 1993.[1]


Subhash is the son industrialist Udayar, an influential man who helps pull down one government, and set up another. Subhash is sympathetic to the cause of down-trodden lives in their midst, fighting for their rights. Initially, his father's name is Armour but when his actions—like his clashes with the son of a minister —threaten to bring down the very government which his father supports, latter washes his hands of him, and he is a market man.

The local MLA exploits the innocent people of the slums and gets their votes by using the common caste-factor. Subhash acquaints them of their rights, exposes the politicians for what they are and earns the love and respect of the poor. Thilakavathi, an MP is sympathetic to his cause for which she is held prisoner by her colleagues. However, all ends well with Subhash recovering from a near-fatal wound and the exposed politicians getting their just deserts throughout an irate job.



The soundtrack was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, with lyrics by Vaali and Gangai Amaran.[3][4]

Track listing
1."Ezhai Jaathi"Gangai AmaranP. Jayachandran5:00
2."Adho Andha Nadhiyoram"Gangai AmaranS. Janaki5:38
3."Indha Veedu"VaaliS. P. Balasubrahmanyam5:08
5."Anbe Vaa"VaaliMinmini7:01
6."Indha Veedu"VaaliIlaiyaraaja4:42
Total length:32:11


Malini Mannath of The Indian Express wrote, "The dialogue are punchy, and the film, though a little prosaic, is able to hold one's attention".[5] R. P. R. of Kalki wrote that despite grinding the same dough, there was no unnecessary romance, no absurd comedy track; the only thing is length could have been trimmed.[6]


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