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Ezina LeBlanc is an artist and writer, and former Miss Black USA currently writing music for an animated children’s TV series for Fox. Her career includes work as a singer, songwriter, composer, musician, inventor/designer of Victress Guitars, poet and author, radio host, producer, screenwriter, film and TV actor, magazine publisher and media personality. She attributes a lot of her success to her mentor Kenya Summer Moore.


LeBlanc attended University of Michigan Business School in Ann Arbor, Michigan to study various crafts in the entertainment industry. When her business studies were finished, she attended the Juilliard School for Performing Arts in New York City.


LeBlanc is a voting member of The Recording Academy and is an active member of AFM, ASCAP, AFTRA, SAG, AEA, WGA, Women in Film,[1] Women in Music,[1] NARAS,[1] Beverly Hills Bar Association and the Women's Step Up Network.[1] LeBlanc has also established herself in Europe and the U.S. for her work in the metaphysical and spiritual fields as a psychic, clairvoyant channel, alchemist, Kabbalist and Reiki master.


LeBlanc started her writing career at an early age and, after years of writing poetry and prose, she published “A Homegirl Returns to the Ghetto”[2] and followed it up with “Greens and Grits” – based on her Grandmother’s recipes and wisdom.

LeBlanc also wrote and published the “Indie Artist Bootcamp” [3] series of books: “How To Make Money Selling Music On The Internet” – How To Make A Living As A Full-time Artist” – “How To Start And Manage A Band” – “Book Your Own Tour” – “Grow Your Star PR For Artists” – How To Start Your Own Record Label.”

“New Blood from the Soul” was her second poetry book. She was also inspired to write “The Hotgirl Diet” book to help women get off the yo-yo dieting syndrome.

GRACE-Balancing Your Life with Mantra, Meditation and Movement

Hotgirl Diet

New Blood From The Soul

Grow Your Star-Shine Bright, Share Your Light, Create Miracles in Your Life

Make Money Now With Your Art On The Internet

Tempted Tour Diary

Oops: I Married A Jerk:)

Awakening Your Inner Soul Star

Billionaire Bandwidth

Bombshell Billionaire Brigade-Business Lessons From Legendary Bombshells

Care and Feeding of the Artistic Soul

Divine Living Cuisine

Glambitious-How Smart Women Get It Done

Guide to Visioning, Vision Quests and Vision Boards

Hotgirl Detox Guide

Hotgirl Guide to Dating

Hotgirl Guide to Self Esteem

Hotgirl Guide to the Exo Luxury Life

Hotgirl Raw Vegan Cuisine

No Fear, No Doubt, No Worry, No Shame, No Regrets & No Excuses

Simplistic Bliss-Your Path to Peaceful Living

Spirit Geek


Raw Food 101

A Homegirl Returns to the Ghetto


Ezina is the producer and host of the Guitar Goddess Radio with Ezina'. Guitar Goddess is devoted to incredible female guitar players from all over the world featuring the latest news, interviews, concert dates and industry events about, and for, female guitarists from as far away as, the U.K. Japan, Sweden and Australia to Canada and the U.S. Guitar Goddess guests have been female guitarists covering all music genres from folk, classical, jazz and bluegrass to rock and country. Guitar Goddess.com was launched in 1995 to honor the women who have the courage, determination, and drive to make it in an industry that’s been dominated by men for so many years. Female guitar players are gaining their own fan bases with their own brand of passionate rock & roll shredding and soulful storytelling and they share their wisdom and insight. The interviews feature backstage info on how these female guitar players got their start, stories from the road, secret tips to success and where you can see them play next. Guitar Goddess celebrates the journey of these women and the men who stand by them and encourage them forward.

As a radio producer, LeBlanc has co-hosted (with Caitlin Moreland) “Sisters of Song,”[4] the world syndicated hit talk-music hybrid. She has also produced and anchored “Powerful Women Worldwide.”[5]


Ezina is a musician at the forefront of rock’s renaissance as she expands musical boundaries, drawing on rock, funk, sacred chants and soulful beats. Through her music and poetry, Ezina moves her listeners through inspirational messages of empowerment and addresses several issues such as oppression, spiritual warfare and injustice.

Ezina’s entrance into the music business was ripe with challenges that conflicted with her spiritual life and devotional practice. Learning about the hypnotic power of music, and studying sacred texts from many different spiritual traditions, her spiritual practice morphed into a daily way of life.

The more spiritual texts she studied, the more she realized that they all shared common information. Some of it nearly identical. They all used parables to teach unconditional love, kindness and peace. She fell in love with all of the religions of the world and says that she feels comfortable in all of God’s houses.

In order to parallel her life’s path with the messages in her music, she dove deep into the teachings of her ancestors. She studied at the foot of her Choctaw Great Grandmother, traveled to India where she was introduced to yoga for householders and other spiritual practices. She then reconnected with her Jewish heritage at the wailing wall in Israel where her path was unveiled. Ezina’s spiritual pilgrimages continue to serve as a source of creativity and motivation for her music.

Ezina’s music – an eclectic mix of rock, r&b, funk and Hebrew, Gurmukhi and Sanskrit chanting – enveloped with the names and teachings of divinities, delivers an incredibly and refreshingly universal message. Ezina writes all of her songs and uses the stage as her moving temple, a place where she can share the experience of her spiritual journey with her audience.

Known for her conscious lyrics, captivating performance and engaging live shows, Ezina uses her music as a powerful force for change.

LeBlanc served as front-woman for many bands before starting her solo career.

After years of playing guitars that were unwieldy to maneuver on stage, she created Victress Guitars. In 2007, Victress Records was created to focus solely on signing female artists and female fronted bands. LeBlanc's holiday album, SNOWFIRE, will be their first label release.

LeBlanc produces the Hotgirl Music tour [6] which made its 3rd globe-trotting trek this year featuring girl-fronted bands and showcasing music by female singers and songwriters.


Ezina's has released albums Grace, Awakening, Goddess, Tempted, Power of a Woman, and Surrender.

Television & film[edit]

LeBlanc appeared in various roles on TV and in film,[7] which led her to pursue producing, publishing and screenwriting. In 2009, Victress Cinema Films was founded to produce inspirational movies and TV shows that feature women of all ages.


In 2009, GUITAR GODDESS magazine [8] premiered—that celebrates femme guitarists worldwide and features reviews of guitars and electronic gear, with performance charts and highlights.[9][10]


As an activist, LeBlanc’s Opus Wings Music Foundation provides scholarships each year to young women entering college who major in the music arena, film production and entertainment marketing or licensing. She was also involved with VH-1’s “Save The Music” campaign.


In 1990, as Leslie Waddell, LeBlanc was crowned Miss Black USA.[11] As Miss Black USA, she traveled around the U.S. speaking to school children about the importance of education, saying “NO to drugs” and encouraging them to live their dreams.


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