Ezinihitte Mbaise

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Ezinihitte Mbaise
Country  Nigeria
State Imo State
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Ezinihitte Mbaise is a local Government Area in Imo State, Nigeria. The area consists of the town of Ezi na Ihite and its surroundings and is part of the Mbaise district. These are the communities that make up Ezi na Ihite:

As is congruent with the rest of Igboland, some of these communities inside Ezi na Ihite actually exist in the form of duality, that is, a single community that eventually metamorphosed into two. Hence, this is the arrangement that shows the exact pairing found in the Ezi na Ihite communities: (Oboama na Umunama, Ife na Owutu, Akpoku na Umudim, Ihitte, Umuchoko na Umueze, Eziagbogu, Okpuofe, Amaumara, Itu, Eziudo, Onicha, Udo na Obizi).

As you can also observe, "Akpodim" is the fusion of "Akpoku na Umudim", two communities that came from one lineage but eventually dualized. This dualization most likely resulted because the ancestor of "Akpoku na Umudim" had two sons "Akpoku" and "Dim" as both parts still constitute a single village who organized themselves into two quarters: Akpoku section and Umudim section.

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