Ezra Schwartz

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Ezra Schwartz
Position Senior Rabbi
Synagogue Mount Sinai Jewish Center
Position Bochein
Yeshiva Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary
Personal details
Nationality American
Denomination Modern Orthodox
Spouse Dr. Rivka Press
Children 5
Alma mater Yeshiva University

Ezra Schwartz is a Rosh yeshiva and bochein (Official Examiner for Shiur placement exams at RIETS/YU[1]) at Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, an affiliate of Yeshiva University in New York City.[2] In that role, he administers tests to incoming students and assigns students to classes. Schwartz is the fifth bochein in the history of RIETS. He succeeds Rabbi Yehuda Weil, Rabbi Mendel Zaks (the son in law of the Chofetz Chaim), Rabbi Shraga Feivel Paretzky, and Rabbi Eli B. Shulman.

He now teaches in the RIETS semikha program. He used to be an instructor of Talmud at the Mazer Yeshiva Program in Yeshiva University. Prior to 2012, he instructed talmud at the Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program. He also coordinated the Rosansky Program in Contemporary Halacha.[3] He was a member of the staff of YU President Richard M. Joel, where he served as Assistant to the President for Research and Communications.[4]

Since September 2009, Rabbi Schwartz has been the Senior Rabbi at the Modern Orthodox synagogue Mount Sinai Jewish Center of Washington Heights.[5][6]