Ezra White, LL.B.

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Ezra White, LL.B.
Directed by David Michod
Written by David Michod
Starring Dan Wyllie
Leeanna Walsman
Mirrah Foulkes
Edited by Tamara Meem,
Kristine Rowe[1]
Proudly Productions
Release date
  • 11 January 2006 (2006-01-11)
Running time
12 min
Country Australia
Language English

Ezra White, LL.B. is a 2006 Australian short drama film written and directed by David Michod.[2][3]


Ezra White is a lawyer whose business and family, on paper, look perfect. But today is the worst day of his life.[1]


Feature film portrayal[edit]

The character Ezra White also appeared in Michod's 2010 debut feature film Animal Kingdom, again played by Dan Wyllie. He appeared as the Cody family's lawyer who has a hatred for police officer Nathan Leckie played by Guy Pearce.[4][5]

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