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Ezzat Goushegir (Persian: عزت گوشه‌گیر) is a fiction writer and playwright born in Iran and living in the U.S. since 1986.

She has published four books in Persian, including two collections of short stories.

She began her play writing career in 1976, when her first play “Beginning of Bloom” was produced for Iranian National Television. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa.[1]

Since coming to the United States she has been writing both in English and Persian. Her plays have been produced by a number of US theater companies. She currently contributes a weekly memoir and many other writings to Shahrvand, the Persian-language magazine based in Toronto, and since 2003 she teaches at DePaul University in Chicago.[2]


  • Behind the Curtains, the Story of Tahereh[3]
  • The Woman, the Room, and Love[4]
  • … And Suddenly the Leopard Cried: WOMAN[5]
  • Metamorphosis,[6] a collection of two plays
  • Maryam’s Pregnancy[6]
  • Migration in the Sun a book of poetry.
  • Medea Was Born in Fallujah(anthologized in Witness and Crawdad in 2006)
  • Now Smile[7] (anthologized in Witness and Crawdad in 2006)
  • Beginning of Bloom

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