Ezzat el Kamhawi

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Ezzat el Kamhawi
Ezzat el Kamhawi
Native name عزت القمحاوي
Born (1961-12-23) December 23, 1961 (age 55)
Sharqia Governorate, Egypt
Occupation Novelist
Language Arabic
Nationality  Egypt
Ethnicity Egyptian
Alma mater Cairo University
Notable works The City of Pleasure
A room overlooking the Nile
The Guard
House of the Wolf
Notable awards Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature
2012 House of the Wolf

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Ezzat el Kamhawi (Arabic: عزت القمحاوي‎‎) is an Egyptian novelist and journalist. In December 2012, el Kamhawi was awarded the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature for his novel House of the Wolf.[1]

He was born in 1961 and graduated from the department of journalism in the Faculty of Mass Communications, Cairo University in 1983.

Early life and career[edit]

El Kamhawi was born on 23 December 1961 in Sharqia Governorate, Egypt, before graduating from high school he had articles published for him in the Al Gomhuria newspaper.

After graduating from the department of journalism in the Faculty of Mass Communications, Cairo University, he started working for Al-Akhbar, where he helped establish Akhbar Al-Adab 10 years later, a widely known literature magazine. He was the Senior Editor of al-Doha Cultural Magazine from May 2011[2] until September 2013.[3]

He writes weekly for Almasry Alyoum, and Al-Quds Al-Arabi.

The City of Pleasure[edit]

Main article: The City of Pleasure

A city like no other, guarded by the goddess of pleasure and, ruled by a licentious king who dedicated his time to carnal pleasures and a princess who dreams of love and tender empathy. The priests decide to design the walls of the princess's room with figures of embracing lovers and burnt incense and chanted their magical incantations that the pictures on the wall may come to life and the dream of the princess for true love might come true.

People real and shadowy, strong slaves and emperors have met their doom at the gates of the City of Pleasure. Eventually the gates of the impenetrable city succumbs under the charm of two ingenious commodities: fried potatoes and pepsi-cola. No one knows the real history of the City of Pleasure and no welcome visitor has ever escaped its enchantment.

This is the novel that has been structured from human myths melted down and recreated one of the most perfectly executed literary whims. It is no longer possible to speak of modern Arabic literary narrative without including The City of Pleasure and the enriching addition it has provided to the art of the modern Arabic novel par excellence.


His published literary works include:

  • It Happened in the land of Dust and Mud (Stories) (published by Dar Soad Al Sabbah in 1992).
  • The City of Pleasure (Novel) (published by the General Organization for Cultural Centers in 1997 - second edition by "el-Ain publishing" in 2009).
  • Times for Joy (Stories) (published by the General Organization for Cultural Centers in 2000).
  • The Grove of Sadness and Bliss (published by "Dar el-Hilal" in 2003).
  • A room overlooking the Nile (Novel) (published by "Merit Publishing House" in 2004 in Cairo, and "Dar Al Howar" in 2004 Latakia, Syria - second edition by "Merit Publishing House" in 2006 - third edition by "maktabet Al-a'osra" Arabic: مكتبة الأسرة‎‎ in 2010).
  • The Guard (Novel) (published by "el-Ain publishing", Cairo 2008).
  • Book seductiveness (published by "el-Ain publishing", Cairo 2009).
  • House of the Wolf (aka Beit Al-Deeb, Arabic: بيت الدِّيب‎‎) (Published in Arabic by "Dar Al-Adab", Beirut 2010), (Published in English by AUC Press, Cairo 2013).[4]
  • The sea behind the curtains (Arabic: البحر خلف الستائر‎‎) (Published in Arabic by "Dar Al-Adab", Beirut 2013).[5]


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