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F&C is an eroge maker, one of the long-established store makers which exist from the beginning of H game history.[citation needed] It is said that the origin of the company name is each initial of Fairytale and Cocktail Soft.[citation needed] They released first title "Fairy Tale" from Fairytale in 1987, and made another brand called Cocktail Soft in 1989. In 1997, they changed company name from "Ides" to current name. In 2001, they re-styled into 3 teams, called "FC01", "FC02" and "FC03"(Now Dreamsoft). At this time, Cocktail Soft announced the activity pause.[citation needed]

Titles(after re-style)[edit]

F&C FC01[edit]

F&C FC02[edit]

F&C FC03[edit]

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