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This article is about the German Marine “Fähnrich zur See” OR6. For the equivalent US and UK naval ranks, see Midshipman.
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Fähnrich zur See
MDS 31a Fähnrich zur See Trp.svg MDJA 31a Fähnrich zur See Trp Lu.svg MA OG5 31a Fähnrich zur See.svg
shoulder board / cuff title / mounting loop
Rank insignia German NCO rank
Introduction 1966
Rank group Non-commissioned officers
Navy Fähnrich zur See
Army / Air Force Fähnrich

Fähnrich zur See (Fähnr zS or FRZS) designates in the German Navy of the Bundeswehr a military person or member of the armed forces with the second highest Officer Aspirant (OA – de: Offizieranwärter) rank. According to the salary class it is equivalent to the Portepeeunteroffizier ranks Bootsmann (Marine) and Feldwebel of Heer or Luftwaffe.

It is also grouped as OR-6 in NATO, equivalent to Technical Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, or Petty Officer First Class in the US Armed forces, and to Petty officer in the British Army and Royal Navy.

In navy context NCOs of this rank were formally addressed as Herr/ Frau Fähnrich zur See also informally / short Fähnrich.

The sequence of ranks (top-down approach) in that particular group is as follows:

The abbreviation "OR" stands for "Other Ranks / fr: sous-officiers et militaires du rang / ru:другие ранги, кроме офицероф"!

Preceded by
junior Rank
Bundeswehr Logo Marine with lettering.svg
Fähnrich zur See
Succeeded by
senior Rank

Career and rank insignia[edit]

Matrose OA (OR/1) / with nautical star

A Fähnrich zur See of the Deutsche Marine is a soldier who serves in the ranks, first as Seekadett (OR-4, comparable to the junior non-commissioned officer rank Unteroffizier), then in subsequent grades: Fähnrich zur See (OR-6, equivalent to Bootsmann), and Oberfähnrich zur See (OR-7 equivalent to Hauptbootsmann).

In the Deutsche Marine, an officer candidate (de: Offiziersanwärter) can be promoted to the rank of Fähnrich zur See after 21 months of service. The equivalent in Heer and Luftwaffe is Fähnrich" (German: Fähnrich).

An officer candidate's career is indicated by the enlisted rank with the golden nautical star on the shoulder strap and sleeve in the Deutsche Marine, and a thin silver cord on the shoulder strap in Heer and Luftwaffe.

Already below the lowest officer designated rank "Seekadett" any military person, assigned to an officer career, has to wear additionally to the particular rank the two capital letters “OA”, indicating to the “Officer Aspirant” career. The "nautical star" symbolises the "OA" career.

Bundeswehr Logo Heer with lettering.svg Bundeswehr Logo Luftwaffe with lettering.svg German Navy
Flag of Germany.svg DH154-Oberfähnrich.png HD H 31a Fähnrich Pi.svg HD H 21a Fahnenjunker FJg.svg LD B 33a Oberfähnrich.svg LD B 31a Fähnrich.svg LD B 21a Fahnenjunker.svg MDS 33a Oberfähnrich zur See Trp.svg MDJA 33a Oberfähnrich zur See Trp Lu.svg MDS 31a Fähnrich zur See Trp.svg MDJA 31a Fähnrich zur See Trp Lu.svg MDS 21a Seekadett Trp.svg MDJA 21a Seekadett Trp Lo.svg
HA OS5 33a Oberfähnrich PzGren.svg HA OS5 31a Fähnrich HLog.svg HA OS5 21a Fahnenjunker PzGren.svg LA OS5 33a Oberfähnrich.svg LA OS5 31a Fähnrich.svg LA OS5 21a Fahnenjunker.svg MA OG5 33a Oberfähnrich zur See.svg MA OG5 31a Fähnrich zur See.svg MA OG5 21a Seekadett.svg
Distinction Oberfähnrich
(Senior cadet sergeant)
(Cadet sergeant)
(Officer cadet
senior grade)
(Senior aviation cadet)
(Aviation cadet)
(Officer cadet
senior grade)
Oberfähnrich zur See
(Senior midshipman)
Fähnrich zur See

(Naval cadet)

Rangcode (OR-7) (OR-6) (OR-5) (OR-7) (OR-6) (OR-5) (OR-7) (OR-6) (OR-5)
NATO Cadet sergeant Midshipman
USAF Aviation cadet auch Warrant Officer
RAF Acting pilot officer

Equivalent in other countries[edit]


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