Félix-Antoine Savard

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Félix-Antoine Savard
Felix-Antoine Savard.jpg
Born(1896-08-31)August 31, 1896
DiedAugust 24, 1982(1982-08-24) (aged 85)
Quebec City, Quebec

Félix-Antoine Savard, OC MSRC (August 31, 1896 – August 24, 1982) was a Canadian priest, academic, poet, novelist and folklorist.

Born in Quebec City, he grew up in Chicoutimi, Quebec. He received a Bachelor of Arts in 1918 and was ordained a priest in 1922.[1] He occupied several ecclesiastical positions in Charlevoix and Saguenay before founding the parish of Clermont in Charlevoix.

While in Clermont, Savard explored the Charlevoix countryside and became well acquainted with the local log drivers. The mountains of Charlevoix were the setting for his 1937 novel Menaud, maître-draveur [fr] which made him famous and earned him a medal from the Académie française. It remains to this day one of the best-known works of Quebec literature. Like Maria Chapdeleine, the title character Menaud has become a key figure in Quebec's national identity.

He joined the Faculty of Arts at Université Laval in 1945 and from 1950 to 1957 was its dean.[1]


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