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Félix Boutboul, most known under the pseudonym of Félix Gray (born 28 June 1958, Tunis), is a French singer and songwriter.

He has a daughter named Marie-Charlotte, born on 7 January 1991.



He has composed texts for various artists :

  • "Les Envies d'amour" for Adeline Blondieau Hallyday (1991)
  • "Should I Leave" for David Charvet (1997)
  • "Au Café des délices" for Patrick Bruel (1999)
Musical comedies

In 2004, he wrote the musical Don Juan which was a world success. It outranked many of the greatest musical show in term of success at the opening in Montreal. Then it went to Paris, Asia and is on its way to be translated in English.

In March 2009, his new musical show "Sherazade, les milles et unes nuits" opened at the Olympia of Montreal. In December 2011, it was featured in Paris. There are negotiations for shows in Las Vegas and Dubai.



  • Les Amours cassées, with Didier Barbelivien (1991)
  • Face cachée (1992)
  • 14 succès + 1 inédit (1996)
  • Félix Gray (2001)