Félix Trombe

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Felix Trombe
Born 1906
Nogent, France
Died 1985
Ganties, France
Nationality French
Engineering career
Projects Mont-Louis Solar Furnace
Significant advance Trombe wall

Felix Trombe (1906 in Nogent, France – 1985 in Ganties, France) was a French engineer.

The great 1 MW solar furnace at Odeillo

He is best known for his pioneering work in passive solar building design with the Trombe wall, which bears his name.

Mont-Louis Solar Furnace[edit]

In 1949 Trombe directed the construction of the experimental 50 kW Mont-Louis Solar Furnace in the Pyrénées-Orientales for high temperature experiments in physics and chemistry. In 1962, a 1000 kW solar furnace was built in Odeillo.