Fénix Directo

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Fénix Directo
Industry insurance
Founded 1991
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Products insurance
Website www.fenixdirecto.com

Fénix Directo has its origins in the Spanish insurance company La Unión y el Fénix. The history of La Unión y El Fénix goes back to the year 1864. Fénix Directo was launched in Spain in 1991 as a subsidiary of La Unión y El Fénix, with the name of Fénix Autos. In 1995, as a result of the merger between AGF Assurances and La Unión y El Fénix, Fénix Autos changed his name and it was born thus Fénix Directo. Nowadays, after the merger in 1999 with the German insurance group and supplier of financial services Allianz, Fénix Directo is a member of one of the largest insurance groups in the world.

Fénix Directo is specialized in selling motor insurance vehicle over the telephone and by internet. Its headquarters is located in Madrid (Spain) and it is particularly well known in the Spanish market.

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