Förderndes Mitglied der SS

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The "Fördernden Mitglieds der SS" membership book of Karl Erb.
Button "Fördernden Mitglieds der SS"
Button "Fördernden Mitglieds der SS" in Silver (Silberne Ehrennadel)

A Förderndes Mitglied der SS (SS-FM; SS Patron Members) was a member of a Nazi organisation for individuals who did not join the Allgemeine SS (General SS) for active duty, but instead contributed financially to the SS. The SS-FM was organised by the SS Wirtschafts-und Verwaltungshauptamt (SS Economic and Administrative Department), and started in 1926. Members of the SS-FM made monthly payments towards the work of the SS at their local SS headquarters. For people with low income, the grant was correspondingly low, a minimum contribution was not prescribed. Each member was issued with a lapel pin and a receipt book. From April 1934, members also received a monthly magazine, entitled FM-Zeitschrift, which was produced by the SS High Command.[1][2] By 1939, circulation of FM-Zeitschrift was approximately 365,000,[1] but very few copies of this magazine survive today.[2]


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