Föroya Bjór

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Föroya Bjór
Industry Alcoholic beverage, Soft drink
Founded Klaksvík (1888 (1888))
Headquarters Klaksvík, Faroe Islands
Area served
Products Beer, Soft drink
Owner Einar Waag
Website www.bjor.fo

Föroya Bjór is a Faroese brewing company based in Klaksvík. Apart from beers the company also produces soft drinks. It was established in 1888 in Klaksvík.


In 1883 Símun F. Hansen went to Denmark to learn the art of brewing and baking.[1] Upon his return in the Faroe Islands in 1888, he established his own brewery in Klaksvík, the second to be established in the country.[1] The first brewery was Restorffs Bryggjarí.

In 2009 Föroya Bjór opened an office in Reykjanesbær and started exporting its products in Iceland.[2]

Name and symbol[edit]

Föroya Bjór has a ram as its symbol.

The name of the brewery means The Beer of the Faroes. The ram is the symbol of Föroya Bjór since its establishment.[3]

Product line[edit]

  • Veðrur - 4,6% A pilsner with a combination of malt and hops.
  • Gold Export Lager - 5,8% A fruity flavour, balanced with a combination of malt and hop flavour.
  • Jólabryggj - 5,8%
  • Páskabryggj - 5,8%
  • Ljóst Pilsnar - 2,7.%
  • Maltöl - (malt beer) is under 2% abv, and quite malty and sweet.
  • Jólaöl - (literally Christmas beer) is a dark, sweet maltöl (white beer) which is sold around Christmas time.
  • Sluppöl - 5,8% An amber-coloured beer with malt, caramel and first-class hops taste (1984).
  • Black Sheep - 5,8% A dark all-malt lager. Caramel, hops and roasted malt flavours (2001).
  • Classic - 4,6% A dark pilsner with malt- and caramel flavour, balanced with first-class hops (2002).
  • Rockall Brown Ale - 5,8%. Brewed with the English varietie East Kent Golding of Noble hops (2006).
  • Rockall Wheat Beer (2006)
  • X-mas 1888 - 5,8% (2007)
  • Green Islands Stout - 5,8% A dark beer with a sweet and bitter aroma. Brewed with a touch of coffee, liquorice and chocolate notes (2008).
  • Green Islands Special - 5,8% (2008)
  • Sct. Brigid Ale - 4,6% An amber-coloured ale brewed with a selection malts and hops (2008).
  • Sct. Brigid Abbey Ale - 5,8% Abbey ale / Belgian dubbel
  • Sct. Brigid Boheme (2008)
  • Sct. Brigid Blond (2008)
  • Sct. Brigid IPA (2008)


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