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Principality of Fürstenberg-Fürstenberg
Fürstentum Fürstenberg-Fürstenberg

Coat of arms

Capital Donaueschingen
Religion Catholic
Government Principality
Historical era High Middle Ages to Early Modern Period
 •  Established 1664
 •  Mediatised 1806
 •  1770 2,000 km² (772 sq mi)
 •  1770 est. 79,000 
     Density 39.5 /km²  (102.3 /sq mi)

Fürstenberg-Fürstenberg is the collective term applied to those territories ruled by the imperial princes of Fürstenberg in the Circle of Swabia during the latter centuries of the Holy Roman Empire. The principality existed as an imperially immediate territory from when Hermann Egon was elevated to the estate of imperial princes (Reichsfürstenstand) in 1664 until its mediatisation in 1806.

The principality consisted at times of two historical states in southern Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Both counties were named after the state of Fürstenberg and the castle of the same name. The first county was created as a partition of the County of Fürstenberg in 1408. After the death of its only Count, Henry VIII, it was partitioned between Fürstenberg-Baar and Fürstenberg-Geisingen. The second state emerged as a partition of Fürstenberg-Stühlingen in 1704. It was raised to a Principality in 1716, and was partitioned between itself and Fürstenberg-Pürglitz in 1762 after the death of Prince Joseph William Ernest. When Prince Charles Joachim, the last of the Fürstenberg-Fürstenbergian Princes, died in 1804, the County was inherited by the Princes of Fürstenberg-Pürglitz.

Heads of state[edit]

Count (1408–41)[edit]

Henry VII (1408–41)

Count (1704–16)[edit]

Joseph Wilhelm Ernst, Count 1704–16 (1699–1762), great-great-grandson of Christoph II, Count of Fürstenberg

Princes (1716–1804)[1][edit]

  • Joseph Wilhelm Ernst, 1st Prince 1716–62 (1699–1762)
    • Joseph Wenceslaus, 2nd Prince 1762–83 (1728–1783), eldest son of Joseph Wilhelm Ernst
      • Joseph Maria Benedict, 3rd Prince 1783–96 (1758–1796)
      • Charles Joachim, 4th Prince 1796–1804 (1771–1804)

At extinction of this line in 1804, titles and land passed to the Princes of Fürstenberg-Pürglitz, descended from Joseph Wilhelm Ernst's second son.


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