Fürstenwalde Solar Park

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Fürstenwalde Solar Park
Fürstenwalde Solar Park is located in Germany
Fürstenwalde Solar Park
Location of Fürstenwalde Solar Park
Country Germany
Location Fürstenwalde
Coordinates 52°23′34″N 14°05′45″E / 52.39278°N 14.09583°E / 52.39278; 14.09583Coordinates: 52°23′34″N 14°05′45″E / 52.39278°N 14.09583°E / 52.39278; 14.09583
Status Operational
Commission date 2011
Construction cost €76 million
Solar field
Type Flat-panel PV
Site area 89 ha (220 acres) Footprint
Power generation
Units operational 173,712 Suntech
Nameplate capacity 39.64 MWp
Annual output 36.5 GWh

The Fürstenwalde Solar Park is a photovoltaic power station in Fürstenwalde, Germany.[1] It has a capacity of 39.64 megawatt (MW) and an annual output of 36.5 GWh. The solar park was developed by the company Solarhybrid and built by conecon using 62,832 225-watt and 110,880 230-watt solar panels, both manufactured by Suntech.

The PV project was built on a former military airfield on 89 hectares (220 acres), and was completed in 10 weeks only.[2][3]

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