Fırtına River bridges

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The Fırtına River bridges are a group of more than 20 well-preserved Ottoman-era bridges over the Fırtına river and its tributaries near Çamlıhemşin in Rize Province at the eastern end of Turkey's Black Sea coast.

Because of the steep-sided valleys and frequent floods, the bridges have characteristically high arches.

Many of the bridges date from the 18th and 19th centuries, but some may be older. It is thought they were built by stonemasons from the local community, working under the direction of central Ottoman authorities.[1]

The bridges include:

Several similar bridges in nearby valleys are also notable

Fırtına River bridges from the Ottoman era
Slim arched bridge over a rushing river in a steep-sided valley.
Ottoman arched bridge over the Fırtına river. 
Arched bridge leads away over a rushing river. Bushes and trees crowd on all sides.
Mikron Bridge. 
Distant view of broad arched bridge span over a fast-flowing river in a steep green valley.
Çamlıhemşin Bridge (near Çamlıhemşin).