F-22 Interceptor

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F-22 Interceptor
F-22 Interceptor
F-22 Interceptor North American box art
Developer(s) Lerner Research
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Designer(s) Edward Lerner
Composer(s) Michael Bartlow
Platform(s) Sega Genesis
  • NA: 1991
  • EU: 1991
  • JP: February 13, 1993
Genre(s) Combat flight simulator
Mode(s) Single-player, Two-Player

F-22 Interceptor is a 1991 combat flight simulator created by Ned Lerner and Gene Kusmiak. It was released by Electronic Arts and Ingram Entertainment for the Sega Genesis.

The player controls one aircraft, the F-22 Raptor, throughout the game. At that time, the real aircraft was known as the YF-22 Lightning II, and had only first flown in 1990. Like LHX Attack Chopper, another flight simulator by EA, the playable aircraft had not yet been developed.


Destroying enemy aircraft results in a great explosion and no survivors.

The player has three skill levels to choose from: Cadet, Training, and Combat. The player must then pick one of four campaigns: the US, Korea, Iraq, and Russia. In each level, the player's F-22 is targeted by surface-to-air missiles, enemy aircraft, and artillery. The mission is to destroy the targets and complete the objectives using a wide range of missiles, from heat seeking missiles, precision-guided bombs, and chaffs. The aircraft is also given two cannons for engaging enemy targets.

At the end of each mission, the player is required to either land on a runway or an aircraft carrier. Sometimes in-flight refueling is needed to prevent the F-22 from crashing.

As the game progresses, the player will be able to unlock an Aces campaign, where he will face off with advanced pilots from North Korea, Iraq, Russia, and the US.

The game also had a rudimentary mission editor.

Although there is not conventional multiplayer, two players can fly as pilot and copilot; a second controller allows a second player to target while the first player flies.

One of the things that the game is known for is its infamous 'Game over' screen. When the player runs out of lives, it immediately shows a picture of the pilots skull with its mouth open on an x-ray monitor, as the pilot heart stops beating it displays "All vital signs flat, patient deceased...You are Dead" on the screen. Many younger gamers found the Game Over sequence of F22 Interceptor to be frightening, with some commenting that it gave them nightmares on gaming forums.


Review score
Publication Score
MegaTech 90%[1]

MegaTech magazine said the game was "absolutely fantastic. The graphics, presentation and playability are all spot on". Mega placed the game at #30 in their Top Mega Drive Games of All Time.[2]


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