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F-box domain
PDB 1fs2 EBI.jpg
Structure of the Skp1-Skp2 complex.[1]
Symbol F-box
Pfam PF00646
Pfam clan CL0271
InterPro IPR001810
SCOP 1fs2

F-box proteins are proteins containing at least one F-box domain. The first identified F-box protein is one of three components of the SCF complex, which mediates ubiquitination of proteins targeted for degradation by the proteasome. F-box proteins have also been associated with cellular functions such as signal transduction and regulation of the cell cycle.[2] In plants, many F-box proteins are represented in gene networks broadly regulated by microRNA-mediated gene silencing via RNA interference.[3] In human cells, in high-iron condition, two iron atoms stabilise the F-Box FBXL5 and then the complex mediates the ubiquitination of IRP2.[citation needed]

The F-box domain is a protein structural motif of about 50 amino acids that mediates protein–protein interactions. It was first identified in cyclin F. The F-box motif interacts directly with the SCF protein Skp1,[4] and F-box domains commonly exist in proteins in concert with other protein–protein interaction motifs such as leucine-rich repeats and WD repeats, which are thought to mediate interactions with SCF substrates.[5]


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