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Frederick A. Henninger (1865–1944), commonly known as F. A. Henninger, was a leading architect of Omaha, Nebraska. He was born in 1865 at Albia, Iowa, and attended the Chicago Art Institute. He moved from Chicago to Lincoln, Nebraska, and in 1891 to Omaha. He worked as a draftsman for an architect in 1895 and purchased the practice in 1896. He worked as an architect in Omaha until his retirement in 1937. After retiring, he moved to Pasadena, California and died there in 1944.[1][2]

A number of his works are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[3]

Works include:

Name Image Date Address More
Druid Hill School 1917 3030 Spaulding Street, Omaha, Nebraska Part of Omaha Public Schools, this building has received any designations or protections.[1][4]
Otto H. Barmettler House 1916 622 N. 38th Street, Omaha, Nebraska Part of the NRHP-listed Gold Coast Historic District[1][4]
Calvin Memorial Presbyterian Church, also known as North Presbyterian Church Omaha North Presbyterian Church from SW 1.JPG - 3105 N. 24th Street, Omaha, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3][5]
Dairy Building for Omaha's Trans-Mississippi Exposition 1898 Omaha, Nebraska[1][6] -
Dundee-Happy Hollow Historic District - Omaha, Nebraska The district includes 30 known works by Henninger, including structures on Jones Street (Nos. 5173, 5177, 5213), Farnam Street (Nos. 4838, 4814), Nicholas Street (5104 and 5404), Underwood Avenue (Nos. 5202 and 5206), Western Avenue (Nos. 5020, 5121 and 5209), North 53rd Street (Nos. 120, 124, 530, 544), North 54th Street (Nos. 105, 109, 110, 301, 302), North 57th Avenue (Nos. 662 and 659), 302 South 51st Avenue, 102 North 52nd Street, 322 South 51st Street, 514 South 52nd Street, 544 South 53rd Street, 105 North 55th Street, 666 North 56th Street, 675 North 57th Street, 123 North Happy Hollow Boulevard, 5110 Chicago Street, 5215 California Street, 4814 Cass Street, 5111 Cuming Street, 5173 Jones Street, 5022 Webster Street[2]
Elmwood Park Pavilion - 802 South 60th Street, Omaha, Nebraska[1][7] -
Farm Credit Building 1934 19th and Douglas Streets, Omaha, Nebraska NRHP-listed[1][8]
Fox Theatre - 301 E. 5th, North Platte, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3]
Harder Hotel Harder Hotel (Scribner, Nebraska) from E 1.JPG 1901 503 Main St. Scribner, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3]
Havens-Page House Havens-Page House from SW.jpg 1900 101 N. 39th St., Omaha, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3][9]
Hotel Yancey - 221 E. 5th St., North Platte, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3]
Jewell Building Jewell building (Omaha) from NW 1.JPG 1923 2221-2225 N. 24th St., Omaha, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3][10]
The Margaret Apartments The Margaret (Omaha) from SW 2.JPG 1916 2103 N. 16th St., Omaha, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3][11]
Fred Metz, Jr., House - 115 N. 53rd Street, Omaha, Nebraska Part of the NRHP-listed Dundee-Happy Hollow Historic District[1][2]
Edgar Morsman House - 518 S. 38th Street, Omaha, Nebraska Part of the NRHP-listed Gold Coast Historic District[1][4]
Normandie Apartments Normandie Apartments (Omaha) from E.jpg 1898 1102 Park Ave., Omaha, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3][12][13]
Omaha Grain Exchange Building - 19th and Harney Streets, Omaha, Nebraska[1][10] -
Lyman Perley House - 207 Fairacres Road, Omaha, Nebraska[1] -
Porter-Thomsen House - 3426 Lincoln Blvd., Omaha, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3][14]
Mary Reed House 1909 503 South 36th Street, Omaha, Nebraska [15]
Rose Realty-Securities Building 1916 305 S. 16th St., Omaha, Nebraska NRHP-listed[1][3][16]
Strehlow Terrace Ernie Chambers Court N building from SE 1.JPG - 2024 and 2107 N. Sixteenth St., Omaha, Nebraska NRHP-listed[3][17]
West Farnam Apartments West Farnam Apartments Omaha.JPG 1912 3817 Dewey Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska Part of the NRHP-listed Gold Coast Historic District[4][18]


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