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Frederick Clifton Grant (1891–1974) was a New Testament scholar. He was professor of Biblical Theology at the Union Theological Seminary in New York. Grant studied at Western Theological Seminary. In 1951, a Festschrift was published in his honor. The Joy of Study: Papers on New Testament and Related Subjects Presented to Honor Frederick Clifton Grant included contributions from Henry Cadbury, Philip Carrington, and Robert M. Grant.

Grant argued for a form of the multi-source hypothesis in relation to the synoptic problem. He argued in his 1957 work, The Gospels, Their Origin and Their Growth, that Matthew, Mark, and Luke all draw from the same collection of myths, legends, miracle tales, paradigms, and apothegms.[1]

Grant's view that the author of the Gospel of John was "part of a group of early Christian gnostic-mystics" has since been discredited.[2]


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