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F. David Farnell
OccupationNew Testament scholar and professor
Academic background
Alma materDallas Theological Seminary
ThesisThe New Testament Prophetic Gift: its nature and duration (1990)
Academic work
EraLate 20th and Early 21st Centuries

F. David Farnell (born 1958) is an American New Testament scholar, Christian minister and professor of New Testament studies at The Master's Seminary in Sun Valley, California. He promotes a conservative approach to New Testament studies. Farnell's works include the book The Jesus Crisis: The Inroads of historical Criticism into Evangelical Scholarship and The Jesus Quest: The Danger from Within. His writings on biblical inerrancy have been endorsed by John F. MacArthur,[1] Albert Mohler,[1] and Paige Patterson.[2] He is also the pastor of Grace Bible Church in Oxnard, California.[3]

He is a contributor and editor for the blog Defending Inerrancy, as well as "Historical" Jesus Search Report,[4] where he writes on his views of the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible.[5] He is also the host of The Danger Zone on World View Weekend Radio Network.[6]

During the 2014 National Apologetics Conference, Farnell addressed the current state in New Testament scholarship. In his lecture, The Battle for the Bible: Responding to the New Attacks on Scripture, he criticized the New Testament scholars Robert H. Gundry, Michael Bird, Craig Blomberg, as well as the apologist William Lane Craig.[7] He has been criticized by Michael Licona for his conservative views.[8]

Farnell supports the historical-grammatical method in New Testament studies, and specializes in the impact of historical-critical philosophical ideologies in Biblical Criticism and interpretation of the New Testament.[9][10] He opposes what he regards as a liberal approach to the study of the Bible, and promotes the Protestant doctrine of biblical inerrancy.


Farnell attended San Diego Christian College (formerly Christian Heritage College) where he received a BA in Biblical Studies. He graduated with an M.Div. from Talbot School of Theology in 1981. That same year he was awarded the Systematic Theology Award and the Biola University/President's Rotary-Club Award for Academic Achievement.[11] He studied a Th.M. with an emphasis in New Testament under the New Testament scholar Dr. Robert Thomas. In 1984 he graduated from the Th.M. program.[12]

He received a Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary,[13] where he studied under New Testament scholar Darrell Bock, and alongside the Greek scholar Daniel B. Wallace.[14]


While completing his Master's degree, Farnell served as a teaching assistant in New Testament and Bible exposition at Talbot School of Theology.[15] After his Ph.D. studies he was offered the chair of the Department of Pastoral Theology and Biblical Studies at Southeastern Bible College.[16] Later he became the Academic Dean of the same institution from 1994 - 1997.[9]

In 1997 he came to The Master's Seminary as Associate Professor of New Testament. During this time he worked with Robert Thomas to develop the New Testament Department of The Master's Seminary.[9] He was named Professor of New Testament in 2007.[9] Since 2008, Dr. Farnell is also Adjunct Professor at Veritas Evangelical Seminary.[12]

In March 2017, Dr. Farnell was invited as keynote speaker to the Chafer Theological Seminary Pastor's Conference (Dean Bible Conference). During his appearance, he spoke on "Critical Issues in Inerrancy" by means of four ground breaking sessions: Current Challenges to Orthodox Inerrancy: Dancing on the Edge (part 1,[17] part 2,[18] part 3[19]), and Evangelical Critical Scholarship and the Canonical Gospels: What Hath Spinoza Wrought?[20] Other keynote speakers included H. Wayne House and Andy Woods.



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as Editor[edit]

Articles and Chapters[edit]

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