F. W. Woolworth Ireland

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F. W. Woolworth Company of Ireland, Ltd.
Retail chain
Founded 1914
Defunct 1984
Products General merchandise
Parent F. W. Woolworth plc

F. W. Woolworth Ireland was a retail chain, that operated in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.[1]


The first F. W. Woolworth store in Ireland opened in 1914 on Grafton Street in Dublin. After this, more stores opened in towns and cities throughout the island of Ireland.

In 1984, the stores in the Republic of Ireland closed down, and the stores in Northern Ireland became part of F. W. Woolworth plc, which later became the Woolworths Group. The Woolworths stores in Northern Ireland closed down in 2008 and 2009, when the Woolworths Group went into administration.