F1 Pole Position (video game)

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F1 Pole Position
Human Grand Prix
F1 Pole Position
North American cover art
Developer(s) Human Entertainment[1]
Composer(s) Team Help[2]
Series Human Grand Prix
Platform(s) SNES
Genre(s) Formula One racing
Mode(s) Single-player
Multiplayer (up to four players)

F1 Pole Position, released in Japan as Human Grand Prix (ヒューマングランプリ?), is a 1992 racing video game for the SNES, developed by Human Entertainment and published by them in Japan, while the other versions were handled by Ubisoft. It is the first game in the Human Grand Prix/F1 Pole Position series, which features Formula One licensing.


The game was released on November 20, 1992 in Japan. The sixteen actual race courses from the 1992 Formula One season are used in the game.[3] The game was developed and published by Human Entertainment with co-operation with Fuji Television and FOCA. The game was strange in that the opposition cars were able to pass through one another without crashing. There was also a bug for the Canadian Grand Prix where at the hairpin, the barriers had a gap enabling one to drive through and onto the grass. Michael Andretti was used in the game instead of Ayrton Senna because his contract was secured with Sega for their Super Monaco GP II video game (however, the no. 1 McLaren clearly has Senna's helmet in the cockpit).[3]

Vehicles can be customized to adapt to the different race tracks.[3] Everything can be changed; including the steering, gears, brakes, and even the suspension.[3] There is an option for pit work to be manual or automatic along with the option for automatic/manual gear shifting.[3]

Related Game Boy game[edit]

In 1993, Ubisoft used the "F1 Pole Position" name for a localization of the Game Boy title Nakajima Satoru F-1 Hero GB '92: The Graded Driver, a sequel to Satoru Nakajima F-1 Hero GB World Championship '91.[4] Although the games were made by Varie instead and are part of the separate F-1 Hero series, Human developed the first two for the Family Computer.



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