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FANdom Con
FANdom Con logo.jpg
FANdom Con logo
Status Active
Genre Multigenre
Venue Emerald Coast Convention Center
Location(s) Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Country United States
Inaugurated 2010
Attendance 1,400 in 2015
Organized by FANdom Conventions, Inc.[1]

FANdom Con is an annual three day multigenre convention held during November at the Emerald Coast Convention Center in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.[2]


The convention typically offers card game tournaments, concerts, cosplay contest, masquerade ball, panels, rave, vendors, videogame tournaments, and workshops.[3][4] FANdom Con during the 2015 convention held a blood drive.[5]


FANdom Con was organized due to the lack of an anime convention in the Pensacola, Florida area.[3] The students decided to form an student organization, named Con-Quest, whose primary purpose would be to organize the convention.[6][7] The convention would be multigenre and cover anime, science fiction, and video games. The convention estimated that 200-300 people would attend, but the convention instead attracted 752.[3] FANdom Con moved to the Emerald Coast Convention Center in Fort Walton Beach, Florida starting in 2014 due to growth.[4]

Event history[edit]

Dates Location Atten. Guests
October 23–24, 2010 University of West Florida Commons
Pensacola, Florida
750 Gina Biggs, Jennie Breeden, Ashley Clark, Carly Dorsey, Melfina, DJ Ryudo, Kevin Wolf, and Charity Youngblood.[8]
November 12–13, 2011 University of West Florida Commons
Cannon Greens and Conference Center[3]
Pensacola, Florida
1,183 Kenneth Davis, Delusions of Grandeur Theatre, Rin Hakubi, Sephi Hakubi, Melfina, George R. Powell (canceled due to personal matters)[third-party source needed], DJ Ryudo, Eric Stuart, and Brian Woods.[9]
October 27–28, 2012 University of West Florida Commons
Pensacola, Florida
1,400 Jennie Breeden, Ken Davis, Quinton Flynn, Tiffany Grant, Todd Haberkorn, Sephi Hakubi, Melfina, Steven Rath, DJ Ryudo, Mike Smith, Eric Stuart, Trixie J. Valentine, and Brian Woods.[10]
October 18-20, 2013 University of West Florida Commons
Pensacola, Florida
1,800 Ken Davis, Karry English, Chris Fowler, Chuck Huber, Isaac Marion, The Offer, James R. Powell, Steven Rath, John Read, Julian Reid, DJ Ryudo, Mike Smith, Eric Stuart, Eric Vale, and Jerrad Vunovich.[11]
November 7-9, 2014 Emerald Coast Convention Center
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
1,496 Andrea Albin, Athel, Robert Axelrod, Philo Barnhart, Martin Billany, Jessica Bright, Mario Bueno, Tony Burkett, Cobheran, Ken Davis, DJ Dere, Eric Dupre, Karry English, Arjay Floy, Todd Gosser, The Gov'na, Thomas Green, Jessica Grundy, Haiden Hazard, Chuck Huber, Alice Infinity, Kapalaka, Scott McNeil, Charles D. Moisant, NiGHTmaren, The Offer, Travis Patterson, Mark Rossmore, DJ Ryudo, Giles Shepard, Joanna Shirley, Mike Smith, Cletus Vandamme, and Liz Vickery.[2]
November 6-8, 2015 Emerald Coast Convention Center
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
1,400 Eric Andrako, Betsy Averette, Philo Barnhar, Bruce Carr, DJ Dere, Eric Dupre, Eitanya, Arjay Floyd, Tiffany Grant, Josh Grelle, Haiden Hazard, Kiefer Hoelscher, Mike McFarland, Charles D. Moisant, Travis Patterson, DJ Ryudo, Tara Sands, Sarah Shortcake, Liz Vickery, and Dalton Wright.[12]


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