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FASA-Renault was a Spanish automobile manufacturer which produced Renault and Renault-based vehicles from 1951 to 2000.


The company was established in 1951 in Valladolid as FASA (Fabricacion de Automoviles Sociedad Anonima de Valladolid) by Spanish interests, a license having been obtained to allow local production of Renault vehicles.[1] In 1965 Renault increased its shareholding in the company from 15% to 49.9% and the company name was changed to FASA-Renault.[1] Renault was permitted to become a major shareholder in the company in 1976 and by December 2000 FASA-Renault was fully owned by the Renault Group.[1]

Most of the Renault range was assembled in Spain, excluding the bigger cars like the 20/30 and 25.[2] The Renault 7 which was produced by FASA-Renault from 1974 to 1984 is a locally developed four-door sedan version of the original Renault 5 hatchback.[3]


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