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FA Youth Cup Finals

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Chelsea players celebrating winning the 2015–16 FA Youth Cup.

This article lists results and squads for the finals of the FA Youth Cup.

Finals: 1953–2019


2019–20: Manchester City 3–2 Chelsea

Manchester City3–2Chelsea
McAtee 37'
Rogers 52'
Palmer 83'
Report Lewis 28'
Harwood-Bellis 60' (o.g.)
Referee: Geoff Eltringham

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

Manchester City
No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK Scotland SCO Cieran Slicker
2 DF England ENG CJ Egan-Riley
3 DF England ENG Taylor Harwood-Bellis
4 DF England ENG Luke Mbete-Tabu
5 DF Senegal SEN Alpha Diounkou
6 MF Republic of Ireland IRL Joe Hodge
7 FW England ENG Cole Palmer
8 MF England ENG Tommy Doyle
9 FW England ENG Liam Delap
10 MF England ENG James McAtee downward-facing red arrow 87'
11 FW England ENG Morgan Rogers downward-facing red arrow 76'
12 DF England ENG Finley Burns
13 GK England ENG Josh McNamara
14 MF England ENG Alex Robertson upward-facing green arrow 87'
15 FW England ENG Sam Edozie
16 MF England ENG Ben Knight
17 FW Netherlands NED Jayden Braaf upward-facing green arrow 76'
18 FW Norway NOR Oscar Bobb
Coach: Spain Carlos Vicens
No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK Finland FIN Lucas Bergström
2 DF England ENG Valentino Livramento
3 DF England ENG Henry Lawrence
4 DF England ENG Dynel Simeu
5 DF England ENG Levi Colwill
6 MF England ENG Lewis Bate
7 MF England ENG Myles Peart-Harris
8 MF Cameroon CMR Ben Elliott downward-facing red arrow 46'
9 FW Norway NOR Bryan Fiabema downward-facing red arrow 61'
10 MF England ENG Marcel Lewis
11 DF England ENG Dion Rankine
12 DF England ENG Bashir Humphreys
13 GK England ENG Jake Askew
14 FW England ENG Tino Anjorin upward-facing green arrow 46'
15 MF Austria AUT Thierno Ballo upward-facing green arrow 61'
16 MF England ENG Charlie Webster
17 MF England ENG Harvey Vale
18 FW England ENG Jude Soonsup-Bell
Coach: England Ed Brand

2020–21: Aston Villa 2–1 Liverpool

Aston Villa2–1Liverpool
Chrisene 8'
Young 12' (pen.)
Report Frauendorf 73'
Attendance: 4,406[1]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

Aston Villa
No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK England ENG Filip Marschall
2 DF England ENG Kaine Kesler Hayden
3 DF England ENG Sebastian Revan
4 DF Netherlands NED Lamare Bogarde
5 DF Netherlands NED Sil Swinkels
6 MF England ENG Hayden Lindley downward-facing red arrow 79'
7 MF England ENG Ben Chrisene downward-facing red arrow 60'
8 MF England ENG Arjan Raikhy
9 FW England ENG Brad Young
10 MF England ENG Carney Chukwuemeka
11 FW England ENG Louie Barry
12 MF England ENG Aaron Ramsey upward-facing green arrow 60'
13 GK Poland POL Oliwier Zych
14 MF England ENG Paul Appiah
15 MF Spain ESP Mamadou Sylla upward-facing green arrow 79'
16 FW England ENG Dewain Sewell
17 MF Republic of Ireland IRL Tommi O'Reilly
18 FW England ENG Kahrel Reddin
Coach: England Sean Verity
No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK England ENG Harvey Davies
2 DF Northern Ireland NIR Conor Bradley
3 DF England ENG James Norris
4 DF England ENG Jarell Quansah
5 DF France FRA Billy Koumetio
6 MF England ENG Luca Stephenson
7 MF England ENG Dominic Corness downward-facing red arrow 46'
8 MF England ENG Tyler Morton
9 FW England ENG Max Woltman
10 MF England ENG James Balagizi
11 FW Poland POL Mateusz Musiałowski
12 DF England ENG Lee Jonas
13 GK Poland POL Fabian Mrozek
14 DF England ENG Sean Wilson
15 DF England ENG Luke Chambers
16 MF Germany GER Melkamu Frauendorf upward-facing green arrow 46'
17 MF England ENG Isaac Mabaya
18 DF Spain ESP Stefan Bajcetic
Coach: England Marc Bridge-Wilkinson

2021–22: Manchester United 3–1 Nottingham Forest

Manchester United3–1Nottingham Forest
Bennett 13'
Garnacho 78', 90+4'
Report Powell 43'
Attendance: 67,492

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

Manchester United
No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK Czech Republic CZE Radek Vitek
2 DF Spain ESP Marc Jurado
3 DF England ENG Sam Murray
4 DF England ENG Louis Jackson
5 DF England ENG Rhys Bennett
6 MF England ENG Kobbie Mainoo
7 MF England ENG Sam Mather downward-facing red arrow 86'
8 MF England ENG Dan Gore
9 FW England ENG Charlie McNeill downward-facing red arrow 64'
10 MF Norway NOR Isak Hansen-Aarøen downward-facing red arrow 64'
11 FW Argentina ARG Alejandro Garnacho
12 DF England ENG Logan Pye
13 GK England ENG Tom Wooster
14 MF England ENG Omari Forson
15 DF England ENG Sonny Aljofree upward-facing green arrow 86'
16 MF England ENG Maxi Oyedele upward-facing green arrow 64'
17 FW England ENG Joe Hugill upward-facing green arrow 64'
18 MF England ENG Ethan Ennis
Coach: Republic of Ireland Travis Binnion
Nottingham Forest
No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK England ENG Aaron Bott
2 DF England ENG Zach Abbott
3 MF England ENG Kyle McAdam
4 DF Wales WAL Ben Hammond
5 DF England ENG Pharrell Johnson
6 DF England ENG Justin Hanks downward-facing red arrow 81'
7 MF England ENG Joshua Powell
8 MF Northern Ireland NIR Jamie McDonnell downward-facing red arrow 90+1'
9 FW England ENG Detlef Esapa Osong
10 FW Northern Ireland NIR Dale Taylor
11 MF Wales WAL Sam Collins downward-facing red arrow 73'
12 GK England ENG Alex Akers
13 MF England ENG Ben Perry upward-facing green arrow 73'
14 MF England ENG Jack Perkins
15 DF England ENG Jack Thompson
16 FW England ENG Joe Gardner upward-facing green arrow 81'
17 FW England ENG Jack Nadin
18 MF England ENG Aaron Korpal upward-facing green arrow 90+1'
Coach: England Warren Joyce

2022–23: Arsenal 1–5 West Ham United

Arsenal1–5West Ham United
Benjamin 7' Report Earthy 16'
Marshall 18'
Kodua 42'
Casey 78'
Briggs 90'
Attendance: 34,127
Referee: David Webb

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK Jamaica JAM Noah Cooper
2 DF Poland POL Michał Rosiak
3 DF England ENG Lino Sousa
4 DF England ENG Josh Robinson
5 DF England ENG Reuell Walters
6 MF England ENG Bradley Ibrahim
7 MF England ENG Amario Cozier-Duberry
8 MF England ENG Myles Lewis-Skelly
9 FW England ENG Ethan Nwaneri
10 MF England ENG Jimi Gower downward-facing red arrow 46'
11 FW Wales WAL Omari Benjamin downward-facing red arrow 85'
12 DF England ENG Josh Nichols
13 GK Colombia COL Alexei Rojas
14 DF England ENG Luis Brown
15 FW England ENG Osman Kamara upward-facing green arrow 46'
16 MF Netherlands NED Ismail Oulad M'Hand
17 FW England ENG Sebastian Ferdinand upward-facing green arrow 85'
18 DF Albania ALB Maldini Kacurri
Coach: England Jack Wilshere
West Ham United
No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK England ENG Mason Terry
2 DF England ENG Ryan Battrum downward-facing red arrow 90'
3 MF England ENG Oliver Scarles
4 DF England ENG Lewis Orford
5 DF England ENG Regan Clayton
6 DF England ENG Kaelan Casey downward-facing red arrow 85'
7 MF Northern Ireland NIR Patrick Kelly
8 MF England ENG George Earthy
9 FW Northern Ireland NIR Callum Marshall
10 FW England ENG Gideon Kodua
11 FW England ENG Divin Mubama
12 DF England ENG Sean Tarima
13 GK England ENG Finlay Herrick
14 MF England ENG Daniel Rigge upward-facing green arrow 85'
15 MF England ENG Favour Fawunmi
16 DF Northern Ireland NIR Josh Briggs upward-facing green arrow 90'
17 MF England ENG Divine Mukasa
18 FW England ENG Liam Jones
Coach: England Kevin Keen

2023–24: Manchester City 4–0 Leeds United

Manchester City4–0Leeds United
Attendance: 20,000
Referee: Dean Whitestone

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

Manchester City
No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK England ENG True Grant
2 DF England ENG Matthew Henderson-Hall
3 DF England ENG Jahmai Simpson-Pusey
4 DF England ENG Kian Noble
5 DF England ENG Stephen Mfuni downward-facing red arrow 85'
6 MF England ENG Charlie Cray
7 FW Germany GER Farid Alfa-Ruprecht
8 FW England ENG Justin Oboavwoduo downward-facing red arrow 73'
9 FW England ENG Jaden Heskey
10 MF England ENG Divine Mukasa downward-facing red arrow 73'
11 FW England ENG Joel Ndala
12 DF England ENG Sebastian Naylor upward-facing green arrow 85'
13 GK England ENG Jack Wint
14 MF Hungary HUN Michael Okeke upward-facing green arrow 73'
15 MF England ENG Oluwafemi Fapetu
16 FW England ENG Christian Dunbar-McDonald
17 FW England ENG Luca Fletcher
18 FW England ENG Matthew Warhurst upward-facing green arrow 73'
Coach: England Ben Wilkinson
Leeds United
No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK Scotland SCO Rory Mahady
2 MF England ENG Joseph Richards
3 DF England ENG Dan Toulson
4 MF Wales WAL Charlie Crew
5 DF England ENG Alfie Cresswell
6 MF England ENG Reuben Lopata-White
7 FW England ENG Harvey Vincent downward-facing red arrow 80'
8 DF England ENG Rhys Chadwick
9 FW England ENG Freddie Lane downward-facing red arrow 60'
10 MF Scotland SCO Sam Chambers
11 FW Scotland SCO Josh McDonald
12 DF England ENG Joe Billett
13 GK Northern Ireland NIR Owen Grainger
14 DF England ENG Coban Bird
15 MF England ENG Oliver Pickles
16 MF England ENG Connor Douglas upward-facing green arrow 60'
17 MF Scotland SCO Devon Brockie upward-facing green arrow 80'
18 FW England ENG Lleyton Brown
Coach: England Rob Etherington


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