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In 1963, the United States FBI, under Director J. Edgar Hoover, continued for a fourteenth year to maintain a public list of the people it regarded as the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.

As the year 1963 began, eight of the ten places on the list remained filled by these elusive long-time fugitives from prior years, then still at large:

  • 1950 #14 (thirteen years), Frederick J. Tenuto remained still at large
  • 1954 #78 (nine years), David Daniel Keegan process dismissed December 13, 1963
  • 1956 #97 (seven years), Eugene Francis Newman remained still at large
  • 1960 #137 (three years), Donald Leroy Payne remained still at large
  • 1960 #143 (three years), John B. Everhart arrested November 6, 1963
  • 1961 #158 (two years), John Gibson Dillon remained still at large
  • 1962 #166 (one year), Harry Robert Grove, Jr. arrested January 26, 1963
  • 1962 #170 (one year), Edward Howard Maps remained still at large

By year end, despite the nearly full list, the FBI had added another nine new fugitives.

1963 fugitives[edit]

The "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" listed by the FBI in 1963 include (in FBI list appearance sequence order):

Harold Thomas O'Brien[edit]

January 4, 1963 #175
Two years on the list
Harold Thomas O'Brien - PROCESS DISMISSED January 14, 1965 by federal and local authorities in Lake City, Illinois [1]

Jerry Clarence Rush[edit]

January 14, 1963 #176
Two months on the list
Jerry Clarence Rush - U.S. prisoner arrested March 25, 1963 in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida

Marshall Frank Chrisman[edit]

February 7, 1963 #177
Three months on the list
Marshall Frank Chrisman - U.S. prisoner apprehended May 21, 1963 in Los Angeles, California by local authorities who identified him by a routine fingerprint check after he robbed a grocery store

Howard Jay Barnard[edit]

April 12, 1963 #178
One year on the list
Howard Jay Barnard - U.S. prisoner arrested April 6, 1964 in North Sacramento, California by local police after robbing a motel of $1,000. At the time of apprehension, Barnard was wearing two sets of clothes, actor's makeup and gold hair. He had cotton stuffed in his nose and mouth to disfigure his face. Officers had to remove glue from his hands so he could be fingerprinted.

Leroy Ambrosia Frazier[edit]

June 4, 1963 #179
Three months on the list
Leroy Ambrosia Frazier - U.S. prisoner arrested September 12, 1963 in Cleveland, Ohio by FBI and local police after a citizen recognized him from media coverage

Carl Close[edit]

September 25, 1963 #180
One day on the list
Carl Close - U.S. prisoner apprehended September 26, 1963 in Anderson, South Carolina by local authorities after robbing a bank

Thomas Asbury Hadder[edit]

October 9, 1963 #181
Three months on the list
Thomas Asbury Hadder - U.S. prisoner arrested January 13, 1964 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by FBI Agents shortly after he registered at the Salvation Army Center under a fictitious name

Alfred Oponowicz[edit]

November 27, 1963 #182
One year on the list
Alfred Oponowicz - U.S. prisoner captured December 23, 1964 in Painesville, Ohio by FBI Agents and local authorities in a railroad switching yard, where he attempted to evade detection by lying completely submerged in a pool of water while breathing through a reed

Arthur William Couts[edit]

December 27, 1963 #183
One month on the list

Arthur William Couts - U.S. prisoner arrested January 30, 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by FBI Agents for armed bank robberies. Attempting to disguise his appearance, Couts had grown a heavy mustache and dyed his hair. Served sentence in Greater Rutherford Penitentiary. Last known residence was South Florida.

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