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The Companion and Toy Dog Group is a designation used only by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale for a group of dog breeds consisting entirely of Toy Dogs.

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) additionally divides groups into subgroups, which the other main English-speaking kennel clubs do not. The FCI Companion and Toy Dog Group is made up of eleven different sections.

The FCI sorts the breeds in the group by section and country of origin as follows:

Section 1 : Bichons and Related Breeds[edit]

Section 1.1 : Bichons[edit]

Section 1.2 : Coton de Tuléar[edit]

Section 1.3 : Lowchen[edit]

Section 2 : Poodles[edit]

Section 3 : Small Belgian Companion Dogs[edit]

Section 4 : Hairless Breeds[edit]

Section 5 : Tibetan Breeds[edit]

Section 6 : Chihuahuas[edit]

  • 1. Mexico

Section 7 : English Toy Spaniels[edit]

Section 8 : Japanese Chin and Pekingese[edit]

Section 9 : Continental Toy Spaniels and Russian Toy[edit]

Section 10 : Kromfohrländer[edit]

Section 11 : Small Molossian Type Dogs[edit]

Breeds Provisionally Accepted[edit]

These breeds are not eligible for the CACIB in international dog shows and the FCI lists them separately under the section "Breeds Provisionally Accepted".[1] After having been long enough in the list, they will be qualified for the CACIB and removed to the corresponding group list.

Section 9: Continental Toy Spaniels and Russian Toy[edit]


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