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The Terrier Group is a designation used by most all-breed dog registries (or kennel clubs) for a Group of dog breeds consisting almost entirely of terriers. See Terrier Group for information related to most kennel clubs.

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) additionally divides groups into subgroups, which the other main English-speaking kennel clubs do not. The FCI Terrier Group is made up of four different sections.

  • Section 1 : Large and medium-sized Terriers
  • Section 2 : Small-sized Terriers
  • Section 3 : Bull type Terriers
  • Section 4 : Toy Terriers

The FCI sorts the breeds in the group by section and country of origin as follows:

Section 1 : Large and Medium Sized Terriers[edit]

Section 2 : Small Sized Terriers[edit]

Section 3 : Bull Type Terriers[edit]

Section 4 : Toy Terriers[edit]

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